You are intuitive! Trust me

you are intuitive, trust me - Lindsay
"You are intuitive" - Lindsay

"Intuition is seeing with the soul." 

―  Dean Koontz 

Let's all dive into the deep innate knowing that we all posses! 

Intuition is just like any other skill set, it takes exercising of that skill, of that muscle to cultivate. Yes, many of us are born with powerful gifts, but we can all increase our intuition. 

Here are some powerful practices to try out if you want to develop your intuitive muscle: 

  • Meditate! Y'all this is by far my personal favorite when it comes to flexing my intuitive muscle. Having a consistent meditation practice allows you to really flex that muscle! 
  • Open yourself up to your shower or bath being an intuitive practice. Use the entrance as a means to set intention, allow the water falling on you to shower you in your desires (be that gratitude washing over you, or abundance raining down), and use the water going down the drain as a releasing practice. 
  • Get creative and artsy! No specific skills needed! this could be collage, drawing, highlighting in your journal, or making doodles in the side bar. Let yourself flex that creative self. Dance, sing, jump, play, and create! This gets the intuition flowing. 
  • Journal - writing out what you think, feel, recap your emotions and means of processing, writing down signs and symbols that pop up for you. My absolute biggest suggestion for journaling when you want to develop your skills - write down when you see messages and downloads connect. For instance if you see an umbrella on the tv during your evening tv time and it stands out to you and then the next day it rains unexpectedly, make note of that. When you say to yourself, I knew that, write it down. Collecting these happenings will support your intuition and help you see it's support in everyday life. 
  • Another way you can use journaling is to keep a dream journal, in the morning when you wake up write a few quick notes about the parts of the dream you remember. This way you can start to uncover messages from your dreams and connect the dots in your life. 
  • Journaling also really helps with looking back at what you learned. Sometimes we miss lessons because we haven't connected the dots consciously. Looking back at your journal will really support that process. 
  • Follow your gut! When you get that powerful twinge of a gut feel, listen to it, write it down, follow it, acknowledge it! Following your gut helps you feel and hear those messages with more clarity. 
  • Trust yourself, similar to following your gut but when you get a message, when you know something, when you feel a certain way, start to lean into trusting yourself. This will help your intuition speak clearer to you because you are listening and trusting the guidance you are receiving. 

open the doors to your intuition by working with the third eye
working with your third eye opens the doors to your intuition

There are so many ways you can support your intuitive muscle but dive into a few of these this month and let your intuition guide you! 

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