A third eye practice for your divine feminine

Third eye divine feminine practice to see without sight
A divine feminine practice for the third eye

“We see things not as they are, but as we are. Because it is the 'I' behind the 'eye' that does the seeing."

― Anais Nin

 For this month's Divine Feminine practice, start a conversation with your third eye, or as Anais says the I behind the eye that does the seeing. 

Your third eye is your 6th charka located at the center of the forehead above the meeting place of the two eyebrows. This area is powerful, this is the physical and energetic space of your intuitive powers. 

Working with our intuition is one of the best divine feminine practices I can think of and that I have experienced. When we step into our intuitive powers without fear, without holding back, and with a calm surrender to the knowing that our intuition speaks to us we embrace of feminine. 

Try closing your eyes and then rolling your eyes' focus up and toward the center. As if you are trying to look at the space of the third eye with your eyes closed. Feel into this action. Take a few deep breaths in this practice. If you can't hold this position for very long, relax, and when ready try holding it again. 

I also love to place my finger on my third eye, I will tape or massage my third eye. I feel into the focus of my physical eyes on my spiritual eye. 

Once I have gotten really comfortable, massaged the space, practiced shifting my focus to this area over and over, breathing - over and over ... 
then I ask my intuition for
or signs 

then I wait 

I express 

P.s. - I also love to work with putting a crystal on my third eye and welcoming the support / shift the crystal offers to my intuition. 

Have you tried this? 

I'd love to hear about your experiences with these practices! Please join this conversation & contribute to the Our & Are private Facebook group by clicking here if you aren't already a part of this community.  

Feel free to create a post about which items you tried and how it went! Pictures encouraged. <3 

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