A practice in dichotomy

a practice in dichotomy by Lindsay Schroeder, shadow aspect
a practice in dichotomy by Lindsay Schroeder

“I guess the issue for me is to keep things dynamic.” 

―  Robert Downey, Jr. 

For this practice, I ask you to focus on the two parts of self, the two parts of all things.

Each side of the coin is part of the whole and part of the full experience. 
What are the parts that create you? 
What are the areas of growth that you really dove into in 2019, where have you made major changes, expanded, and challenged yourself to up-level and it was successful? 

Take some time to list our and experience the parts of yourself that shine. 

Express gratitude & feel into these areas. 

Say for instance this year you really focused on communication
- spend time thinking about the steps you took (a speech coach or practiced speaking up in meetings at work etc)
- think about how that made you feel (the first time all eyes on you in a meeting feel good and powerful instead of fearful and uncomfortable)
- think and feel into the future experiences of this up level (daydream about what magical ways you want to continue to express yourself) 

Go through the positives, the expandors and relish the experiences and teachings.  
Now, just as the Gemini has two distinct and dynamic sides, start to consider your shadow aspects, the shadow self. 
What areas of growth do you have? 
What areas of your being do you desire to grow? 
What areas call to you to be witnessed and transmuted? 
What areas do you shy away from? 
What parts of yourself call for your compassion and empathy? 

Say for instance an area of potential growth is friendship
- spend time thinking about the steps you can take (calling to mind action steps that would offer growth in this area, like showing up for friends with focus)
- think about how these growth actions will make you feel (how showing up for a friend fully present will make you feel about yourself and that experience)
- be honest with yourself about why this is an area of growth and experience what it will feel like for you to up-level in this area (daydream about the powerful experience of showing up for someone you care about, for being the type of friend you'd love to have in your life) 

It is so important to honor each of the parts of self, each of the parts of an experience. When you are basking in the full moon energies this month, honor your shadow self and feel into how this is a magical gift. In acknowledging the shadow self we are offered areas of growth. 

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