Our sensuality is a gift

Sensuality is a gift - a divine feminine practice by Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are
Sensuality is a gift

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” 

― Marilyn Monroe

Our sensuality and sexuality is such a powerful gift as Marilyn says. One that is often crushed and shunned in our current society. Even more often stuck behind closed doors, hidden away from the world. 

This month's divine feminine practice encourages you to take back this sacred power. I ask that you consider showing up in a sensually and sexually empowered with, out in the world, or in a way you might not normally show up. 

Here are some options to consider but I encourage each of you to take some time and think about what speaks to you: 
- Anoint yourself in Lucious oil before you head out for an everyday activity like grocery shopping - encourage yourself to feel sensual, desirable, sexy, and on fire for yourself, doing something with yourself, that is for only you! 
- Wear lingerie that makes you feel desirable underneath clothes you might not normally consider wearing it under. For instance, I love to throw on a sexy bra and panty set under my pj pants and sweatshirt when I am just sitting at my computer. Now when I do this I always make sure the set I'm wearing is comfy, this isn't just for show, it's about doing something sexy that's enjoyable for you and during a time that is only for you. 
- Dance around to some sexy music. I will put on music that reminds me of belly dancing, snake charming, fire dancing, and I will let my inner goddess out. Now to take this to the next level, I like to do this when my partner is in another room. The feeling of having my partner in my space heats up this practice for me, but having them in the other room allows the practice to be just for me. I will close my eyes as I move my body, connect to my goddess, and feel the energy of my partner just beyond the walls. I also find this charges up my bedroom space with sexy energy. 
- Self pleasure! This is a huge part of my personal practice and I encourage you to include it in your own personal practice. Orgasm and sensual stimulation is not only really really beneficial for us physical but emotional and energetically as well! 
- Orgasm manifestation, if you haven't tried this out I have a whole blog post on this one. Check it out here.
- Read a sexy book. I love the written word and I find that words can get me going sometimes even more than visuals can. I love to take a sensuality stimulating book and read it at a cafe or library or in the lobby of a hotel. Allowing the sensual stimulation to wash over me in a public place while I'm opening myself to pleasure for just myself encourages my sensual energy to take up more space. 

Love on yourself in a way that serves you, that feels good to you, and that asks you to expand beyond your comfort zone. You are a sensual and sexual being baby, light that fire! 

I'd love to hear about your experiences with these practices! Please join this conversation & contribute to the Our & Are private Facebook group by clicking here if you aren't already a part of this community. This is a private and sacred space, a fantastic opportunity to share your sensual musing with others who will hold that sacred container for you. 

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