Full Moon in Leo Feb 2020

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion" 

―  Rumi

Full Moon Feb 2020 in Leo Activity by Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are
Full Moon Feb 2020 in Leo Activity

Seriously y'all, stop playing small.
Stop holding back. 
Stop limiting yourself.
Stop letting fear run the show. 

You are magical, 
You are worthy, 
You are beautiful, 
You are radiant, 
You are intuitive! 

Ready to step into the next level of your intuitive abilities? 
Here are a few practices, drills, and exercises to try. 

1. Write down the messages, synchronicities, and intuitive downloads you get. When you see something on a commercial that you normally would overlook but it stands out to you, write it down. When you connect the dots a day, a week, or a month later write that down too. As you start to make notes of intuitive hits, you reaffirm to yourself that it's more than just coincidence, this starts to strength your intuitive muscle. Are you getting ready for work in the morning and see your umbrella in the side of your closest and linger while looking at a long moment, take it with you! When it rains later and you up that umbrella up, thank your intuition and write it down. Keeping a record of these feelings and the culmination of your intuitive hits helps you to build your intuitive skill set. 

2. Develop a personal practice. This is important for everyone (yes even those who aren't trying to develop psychic abilities). A personal practice is time for you to connect with self. Having this consistent time and space will flex your intuitive muscle and allow you the container for intuitive downloads. This can be breath work, mediation, journaling, ecstatic dance, card readings, playing music, making art, and so much more. Carve out specific time to get connected with yourself, daily or weekly and be consistent with it. This container encourages open communication with your intuitive abilities. 

3. Partner up with a friend who is interested in developing their skill set and open yourself up to messages. Each of you select an item of importance (ideally items that you don't know the story about or the significance of), come together, and exchange items. Take time to sit with your friend's item, feel it, close your eyes and open yourself to it's energy. Look at it, maybe even speak to it and listen. Start to have an energetic conversation with the item however feels right for you. Write down anything and everything that you feel, sense, know, hear, see, and let it flow. Don't pressure yourself for it to be right or profound, and don't skip over anything because it seems silly or doesn't make sense. After some time has passed and you both wind down on writing share. You will be shocked about what each of you will pick up. 

4. Consider working with intuitive guidance or tarot cards. I encourage this practice not to "tell the future" but to start having conscious conversations with your intuition. When you select a card from the deck really take a few moments to gather information from the visual of the card, the feeling of the card, the knowing that you have just from pulling that card (write it down). Then read the guide book and see what things you were already picking up on. As you continue this practice you will start to learn the way messages come to you, sometimes that might be a color or part of the image that stands out. Maybe you get a wave of emotions or a memory flashes for you. This practice exercises your personal connection to your intuition. 

5.  Meditate! If this isn't already a part of your personal practice I encourage you to add it in. There is a style of mediation that works for everyone, from mindfulness to TM and all the way to mantra meditation. Meditation allows the brain to quiet in a profound way and creates space for your intuition to speak to you. It's also wildly beneficial in so many other ways. 

6. Practice your physic reading skills. Put a few colored paper clips, or post it notes, or pen caps, or any little items that "feel" the same but are different into a bag/box/envelope. Take a few minutes to calm yourself and relax. Become present and quiet the mind. Start to connect with your intuition  Close your eyes and then put your hand into the bag/box/envelope and select one of the items. Before opening your eyes spend some times feeling the item, envisioning the item, open your third eye to hearing/feeling/seeing what color or specification the item is. When you feel connected and aligned open your eyes. Try this practice every day or once a week and start to see how you get better and better at "feeling"or "knowing" which item you have in your hand. 

7. Lay hands on your own energy/body regularly. Connect with your physical and energetic vessel frequently by placing your hands on your body with intention. That intention might be to calm or relax, maybe release tension. It might be to offer tenderness or understand an ache or pain. Our energy goes beyond our physical body so play with where your hands are be that on the body, a few inches above, or even a foot above. Open yourself to the messages you receive. 

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