Are you aware of the background noise in your life?

a message from Lindsay Schroeder about the background noise in your life

livers of life! 

I am so blessed to do this work I sometimes cannot put into words how grateful I am to do what I love, work with the most amazing ladies, and live a life I have created so intentionally. 

I want to encourage each of you to consider this, what are you telling your mind, body, and soul when you aren't really paying attention? 

What music plays in the background? 
What tv shows do you binge? 
What are the constant thoughts going on in your head? 
What pops into your mind when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? 

This month (and all months) I urge each of you to consciously start to shift a few small things. 

- Select uplifting and empowering music, binaural beats, affirmations or something of this sort to play while you work or commute. I'm not saying only listen to this music but consider adding it in. Really make note of what the words are when you listen to your music, is that how you want to be programming yourself? If not shift in a few aligned songs when you are listening to music. 

Don't get me wrong I still listen to my rap and hiphop but I don't leave it playing in the background as often now when the message it has isn't in alignment. I still get ready for a night out with that playlist but when it's music in the background for a content batch day it's aligned music. 

- Start the day with an affirmation or intention instead of going straight into emails, social media, or responding to texts. Set yourself up to feel aligned all day! 

- Watch something educational or inspiring once a week or replace one episode on a binge day with something intentional. 

- Express gratitude for your body when you see yourself in the mirror 

- Take special care of your mind, body, and soul 

Make one conscious shift and be consistent with it. 
Habits are what truly change our existence. 

<3 Lindsay 

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