Working with Capricorn Energy

Working with Capricorn energy

When you are setting your intentions, planting your seeds, and calling all that you desire into reality during a Capricorn phase (that might be a lunar cycle in Capricorn, maybe the time of the year under that zodiac sign, or if a specific planet moves into Capricorn) consider this practice.

Call upon Capricon's get it done attitude & dream big. 

Get into the vibration of success, abundance, and the calm belief that all your desires are for you. 

I love to "become an energetic match" or "get into the vibration" or "vibrate at that frequency" when I am manifesting. 

Try this manifestation ritual: 

  • Think of and jot down a bunch of intentions, goals, seeds, desires etc 
    • Use a blank sheet of paper with no lines and go crazy, write all over, let that creativity flow, and write as much down as you can, don't let your logical brain have any part of those. Free write and let new things, big things, all the things comes through
  • Then pick a few that you really adore & feel called to 
    • you can always go back and work with other ones if you want to call everything in, but for this exercise select 1-3 that really speak to your soul
  • Put together information on why this is possible, reasons to believe your desires are for you & other examples of your desires coming true 
    • allowing your logical mind to believe and know this is possible is a huge help so find other people who started a business and it took off
    • find examples of people who achieved your goal 
    • or think back to a time where you really crushed it at something 
  • NOW it's time to RAMPAGE and get into the vibration of your desire 

- Find a private space where you can spend a few minutes uninterrupted 
- Get physically comfortable & relaxed 
- Put on some soothing background music and helps you keep high vibes going, light a candle, get some crystals etc  
- Close your eyes 
-Now say your desire out loud

(I will use the example of starting a business) 
"I desire to start xyzzy business" -Let that energetically fill your physical space and auric field
-Feel into it all, the twinge fear of what that means, the feeling of potential success, what that would mean for your life, what that would do for your future, all the people you would touch, the people you might hire, the colors, the flow of work, quitting your 9-5 

Now transition this to present tense "I am starting my xyzzy business" -Feel into and picture all of this, opening an LLC, opening a business bank account, having sales calls, starting your marketing, seeing clients, watching them succeed 

Now transition this into the past tense "I started my business and omg it was amazing, it was easier than I expected and I became successful so fast. I help so many people & I am so grateful that I found my calling & am living my heart's desires!" -Talk yourself through living this desire day in and day out 
-Do this OUT LOUD! 
-Paint the picture of this success, of this business, of this desire 
-Spend time meeting clients, picture your store front, image getting an award, you are asked to be a guest speaker at this event, look at the number in your bank account, enjoy all the ways that this changes your life for the better 
-As you tell yourself these things really FEEL it 
Do this until you are in the energy - in the vibration of your desire 

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