Orgasm Manifestation

Orgasm Manifestation

Manifestation through Orgasm. 

I said it, orgasm. And not only do I say this, I practice what I preach for this one (and my other stuff but you feel me right). 

Orgasms, as y'all hopefully know, are amazing. But this amazing thing can be even more potent, powerful, impactful, and enjoyable if you add in some manifestation. Ideally you are orgasming on a regular basis. Now I am not saying you need to be having sex or doing specific things. Of course I want you to follow your heart and truth and only be with those souls who treat you well, but I do hope that your self love and self pleasure practice is on point regardless of who else is participating in your sensual activities. This way you are always able to get the physical and energetic benefits that orgasm has to offer. 

One of my favorite ways this has been explained is by Teal Swan, and if you don't know her check her out, she's a force. She wrote an article about Manifestation & Orgasm that moved me. 

"On an energetic level, the flow of energy is sped up within the body. The body opens up to a state of receptivity, whereby the meridians and chakras of the body are receiving an unrestricted flow of energy." - Teal Swan.  She continues to explain and expand on the potent happenings of the orgasm. 

The blissful release of orgasm is euphoric but it's also the opening of a door, a door to a sacred place. This place allows us to transcend the physical world. We blur the seperation between our physical vessel and our spiritual or ethereal self. 

Personally when I am in this space, I feel unstoppable, I feel into my feelings, I feel like my wild woman, my wise woman, I feel like my priestess, I feel like the chariot, I feel like the empress, I feel like my truest self, my highest self, my eternal self. 

In those moments I am infinitely more powerful. I radiate and I vibrate at a frequency of almost instant creation. I provide myself with a NOS boost of feminine power (hello fast & furious reference). 

I started the practice of orgasm manifestation over a year ago and omgoddess has it been blissful. I have called in soulmate clients, upgrades, money, new friendships, new levels of love - intimacy - and connection in more than one of my partnerships, I have called in solutions, resolutions, I have called in things, places, and creative downloads. This manifestation ritual has been a game changer. I love connecting with my sensual self and developing my connection to the divine within myself. 

The more I develop my divine feminine, the stronger my intuition speaks to me, the more I understand the messages from the universe, the easier and more blissful life is. The faster I learn my lessons, the more graceful I up-level, and the more in the flow I am (if you want to learn more about Hustle vs Flow check out my episode on Kimberley Wenya's Podcast where we go all in on this topic, link at the bottom). These changes have been unbelievable for my life. 

During my trip to Sedona Arizona for my 31st birthday I had one of these powerful manifestations materialize in my physical reality, let me tell you all about it.

I feel a light tap on my shoulder and my massage therapist whispers in my ear, Lindsay we are halfway through, I'm going to step out and give you just a quick few minutes to grab some water or run to the restroom if you need. As the best massage therapist I've ever worked with steps out of the door and I stand to grab some water I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I stop. In that moment, I was hit with a memory. I remember the specific orgasm where I set this intention. 

Let me set the stage a bit, I have been working on developing and taking my abundance mindset to the next level again this year (and every year), as I am always working on developing and expanding this. I remember calling in specific amounts of money or specific clients, I remember seeing details and dollar amounts, I remember calling in spreadsheets and business ledgers. I worked in this way for a while. 

Then I was inspired. 

I was listening to the boss lady herself, Amanda Frances, and it hit me, it's not just about those technical things. It's not just about the dollar amount my business hits at the end of the year, it's not just revenue minus expenses. It's about so much more than that! It's about the feeling of abundance. 

It's about the FEELING .

In that moment I started to think about what it would feel like to be the abundant boss lady, medicine woman, priestess I was stepping into. I saw myself taking regular trips to beautiful healing locations, learning and growing all the time. I saw myself learning from the spiritual teachers I look up to and sharing my wealth of knowledge with the beautiful women in my community. I saw myself in a spa, I saw myself wrapped in a fluffy robe, sitting in a steam room, relaxing in a hot tube, and then the most amazing thing happened. I felt these things. I not only saw them in my mind's eye, through my third eye. But I felt them. And as I started to feel these things the picture got so clear, the version of my who was in the picture got so clear. 

This boss bade, this modern mystic learns through these spiritual practices that she loves. I was experiencing the sensations of a life altering massage, integrating so many of my ayahuasca teachings through the healing art of massage therapy, and I was getting divine downloads. I felt oil pouring over my third eye and felt the feelings of the messages I was getting. I then knew that this was the perfect topic/intention for my next orgasm manifestation. 

The next several orgasms, as I spilled over the edge and my toes curled and I lost my breath I called this image of myself, this feeling into my space and set my manifestation. I felt into a version of myself who was abundant AF, who was booking regular spa services from amazing practitioners who were so skilled in their field that these services become a space of divine connection, deep work, spiritual connection, and they treated not only my body but my soul. 

As my body pulsated I felt deeply into being a lady who is so abundant I book multiple services at the spa, the version of myself who does the 90 or 120 minute massages instead of 60, the kind of lady who does a spa day not just a spa service. I set this intention over the course of about 5 orgasms. 

As I booked my trip to Sedona with my partner Troy I started to search out spas and it started to all fall into place. I found the most lovely spa, with one of my signs from the universe (horses) right in the logo, I knew I was in the right spot. I booked a 120 minute massage and as I spoke to the woman over the phone I felt my vibration elevating. I booked a Shirodhara session as well (have you heard of this amazing Ayurvedic practice that consists of pouring warm oil over the third eye?). 

I felt my manifestation coming closer and closer. On the day of my services I woke up in beautiful Sedona, just the right amount of sore from climbing a large red rock formation the day before and as I dressed and drank my chai I could feel this was special. I arrived and checked in and as I'm putting on my robe and storing my items in a locker I looked at myself and I felt so abundant. 

I spent time in the lounge drinking lemon cucumber water, drinking tea, and setting my intentions. I was met by my first practitioner and she was so amazing. We chat and start my service and with each stoke of her hands I felt even more healing, even more intention, and even more coming together of my manifestation. 

I feel a light tap on my shoulder and my massage therapist whispers in my ear, Lindsay we are halfway through, I'm going to step out and give you just a quick few minutes to grab some water or run to the restroom if you need. As the best massage therapist I've ever worked with steps out of the door and I stand to grab some water I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I stop.  As I look at myself I think and feel, I am the abundant lady who has a break in the middle of her massage, I am taking care of my self in such a lovely way. My body felt amazing, my soul felt unbelievable, and I was altogether on cloud nine. I finished the best massage of my life and received a Shirodhara session, I ordered food to the spa lounge, I soaked in the hot tub, I let the Shirodhara oil sit in my hair, I did a steam session, and I took the most amazing shower. I was there for several hours and when my partner picked me up he could see the difference. He said to me that I looked more than just relaxed and I was so much more than relaxed. I felt fully into "I am the conscious creator." That was an upgrade, an elevation of my vibration, and it was all thanks to orgasm manifestation. 

Are you ready try orgasm manifestation? 


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