Growing your connection to your divine feminine with a 2nd chakra practice

Grow your connection with your divine feminine through a 2nd Chakra practice

Connect to your Divine Feminine 
When was the last time you connected with your 2nd chakra?

Do you welcome in new energy?

Do you call in creativity?

Do you allow yourself to receive?

The second charka is my favorite chakra - it's where I feel deeply connected to my feminine power. This area I work with very closely in so many of my practices.

HOWEVER - This is an area that was difficult for me accept, embody, and develop for a very long time. 
 When I was younger... 
Receiving was difficult 
Being open was difficult 
Feeling & allowing vulnerability was difficult 
Standing powerfully & proud in my femininity was hard 
Getting into the flow was difficult 
I could go on but I feel you get the picture 
I grew up a tomboy, getting in fights, playing in the dirt, I wanted Lincoln Logs instead of Barbies, and I never wanted to wear pink. I fought against parts of my own self for so long. I was taught that you could only be one, that gender was rigid, black & white and that there was no balance or power in harnessing both sides of self. MY energy was masculine for so long, and it served me well. It allowed me to kick butt in school, crush it at to do lists, and staying in the go go go energy worked often for me. BUT after spending so much time in the masculine I lost touch with my feminine and as I got older that started to create issues. 

  • I was calling in only beta males because I was existing in my masculine state often 
  • I pushed people away 
  • I wasn't able to receive so I burned out often 
  • I closed myself off from my emotional and intuitive side 
  • I second guessed my decisions often because they were only made with logical points and were void of feelings 
  • I chases money and accolades instead of my soul's desire/purpose 

Working with my second chakra really really helped me become comfortable with both sides of myself. It has allowed me to develop spiritually, develop self love, self confidence, and so much fulfillment. 

As we each step forward, may we ask ourselves to develop a deeper connection with who we truly are, our authentic selves, our feminine power, and call in the most fruitful experience ever!

Divine Feminine Practice to Connect with your
Second Chakra 


Let's address a few pillars of the second charka: 
-sexuality & connection to our sexual selves 
-fertility/creativity & our ability to create, be that new life, new projects, new businesses, new connections 
-releasing shame from the 2nd chakra, so many of us have been programmed to feel shame, guilt, etc around the feminine / sexual energy within us 


  • Have a pen/pencil & some paper near you for this ritual. 
  • Start by sitting down and place your hands gently on the area of the second chakra. Close your eyes and feel into the energy of this space. Feel into your feminine areas, feel into your creativity, feel into your softness, your juiciness, your ripeness, your fertility, and your feminine power. 
  • Scan for any stagnant energy, this might come to you like a darker color in that space, it might feel like heaviness or stickiness, it might feel like stagnant, you might see flashes of memories, you might hear things that were said to you, etc. 

  • As you find areas that need attention or call to you, write down messages or focal points. Then free write about those items. Allow yourself to write about how that makes you feel, what comes up for you, what you experience when you dive into those experiences. 
  • After you have free written about any stagnation in your second chakra recite the following affirmations. 


I release all that does not serve me 
I release shame, guilt, and hurt from my physical & energetic self 
I honor the experiences of my past, I take the lessons with me, I release all trauma from my physical body 
I love and enjoy my feminine body 

I am passionate & full of exuberance 
I open myself up to pleasure in all areas of my life 
I express myself openly & allow myself to be vulnerable 
I am available for sacred touch, intimacy, connection, and closeness
I honor my scared sexuality 
I am a sexual being 
I am creative 
I honor my divine feminine & nourish my feminine self 

  • After your affirmations place your hands back on the 2nd chakra area of your body and feel into love, send love to this physical and energetic space. Thank your body, thank your energy, thank your soul. Spend a few moments deeply in the vibration of love and feel it fill your 2nd chakra and entire aura with love, healing, care, and connection. 
  • End your ritual with praying hands, a slight bow, and the following statement "I love and honor my divine feminine self, I will continue to grow my connection to my feminine self." 

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