Channeling the Divine Feminine and Harnessing Your Intuition with Lindsay Schroeder – Soul Curious Podcast

Lindsay Schroeder, Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach on the Soul Curious Podcast

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Lindsay Schroeder is the founder of the company Our And Are. She is a Spiritual Wellness + Mindset Coach - a Reiki Master, intuitive healer and such bright light as a Divine Feminine practitioner. In this episode we dive into what the Divine Feminine is and how we can utilize tools to create a deep connection with our intuition.
Topics discussed in this episode:
- Divine Feminine
- Meditation & Intuition
- Energy Work
- Getting through energetic blocks + limiting beliefs
- Stepping into our flow + MASSIVE up-levels

Connect with Lindsay:
Facebook Group: Our & Are - intuition, divine feminine, & massive up-levels
Instagram: @ourandare @lkschroeder

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