Lindsay's main container is her 90 Day Signature Coaching Program. This program is 1:1 and is completely customized. This is where Lindsay's clients see the most profound transformation.

Bundles are a great way to get access to several practices, trainings, and support materials on many of the topics that Lindsay loves.

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Lindsay's Workshops offer you the ability to go in deeper on a spiritual wellness, intuitive business, or mindset topic with Lindsay.

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A time to set intention, transmute, and connect with an aligned community. Learn more

Gather in ceremony with Lindsay, offered online and in person. Integrate ceremony practices like cacao, clearing, energy healing, energetic release, and more. Learn more


  • Want to have Lindsay lead a training, meditation, session, or ceremony for your community, mastermind, membership, or another one of your programs?
  • Want to feature Lindsay as a guest speaker or have her at your retreat?
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Limiting Beliefs the digital course is Lindsay's Signature Digital Course. Limiting Beliefs work is one of the pillars of Lindsay's own spiritual practice. Learn more

Intro to Spiritual Tools is an 11 week group coaching program where Lindsay dives into so many of her favorite spiritual tools. Trainings, support, community and more.

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