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“Spiritual Wellness is a deeply personal practice — one that I am wholeheartedly committed to.

I create and hold a sacred container for my clients to explore, heal, release, and re-align within. Together we dive into a myriad of topics, we go into the subconscious, into the energetic system, and we explore together. The profound healing that comes from getting deeply connected to your truth is still remarkable to me. The work we do in this 90 day program ripples through your life, your business, your friends, your partners, and you will see the powerful effects forever.

Are you ready to shift your mindset, bust through limiting beliefs, and up-level your life?

this is for you
  • You have been working on your intuition and are ready to take it to the next level with guidance & support...
  • Your business is ready for growth, you desire more clients, more abundance, and you are ready to be your own authority figure...
  • You feel a bit stagnant in your growth and know it's time for more...
  • You have some heaviness you'd like to shed...

...and you feel a strong energetic pull to work with me.

Your intuition always points in the right direction.

Here's how we work together

90 days

Weekly calls

Life-changing results

It starts with an introductory call where we discuss where you are right now and where you desire to be. From your roadblocks, limitations, difficulties and struggles, I create a program that's completely customized to YOU, to help you achieve the results you've always dreamed of.

From there we connect weekly on a 60 minute call where we dive into your personalized work; where you can ask questions and leverage my support and guidance. There will be 11 sessions and from each you'll receive an audio copy to review & re-listen as often as you want.

The support continues in between each call thanks to a myriad of tools I provide, such as: access into my private Facebook group, journal prompts, affirmations, homework, activities, rituals, practices and so much!

Are you curious?

Want to know what my Signature 90 Day Coaching Program can do for you?

Up-leveling women's lives is my passion.

It all started with my own spirituality and wellness journey that I've been on for years. I've taken the classes, gotten certifications, researched, bought all the crystals, journaled, gone on trips, worked with plant medicine, read the books and messed up (so many times). I've learned lessons the hard way and I've assimilated lessons with ease and grace.

I have hated myself, judged myself, lost myself, thought so poorly of myself. BUT I have also loved myself, showered myself with affection, attention, love, support, and self care.

I learned how to cultivate my own happiness, how to love myself so fully and deeply that it unlocked new levels of intuition. I now honor my body and her cycles, I honor my divine feminine, I honor my soul, and I work with all parts of me. I have released stress and anxiety almost completely from my life. I am able to look for meaning and reasons behind interactions with my friends, family, and partners. I am able to stay balanced in the face of triggering situations. I am grateful not only for the amazing things in my life but for every trauma, drama, and hardship because it brought me to this place.

I started Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coaching to share these gifts with other woman. I want to help woman make more money, achieve more fulfillment, be happier, know how to cultivate their own happiness, be more in love with themselves and other, and of course, develop their intuition, connect to their divine feminine, and up-level their lives.

My work is very multi-faceted so to help you decide if I am the right coach for you, here is a list of some (and only some) of my favorite topics to coach & guide on:

  • High Impact Energy Healing - I had a client coin this and the next term for me, she described the energetic work we did together as high impact because she could feel the power and magnitude of what we were shifting, I love to work with the energy body!
  • Intense Intuitive Training- I not only support your results with my intuition, but also help you cultivate a practice that flexes your own intuitive muscles like never before. It is intense and the results are powerful!
  • Releasing and Re-programming- Your brain is like a computer and many of us run off outdated, cluttered programs. Together, we build a plan and create means for releasing and re-programming to get you running at optimum efficiency.
  • Aligned Abundance - Up-level the way you think, feel, live, act, do, and BE! It's your responsibility to stay an energetic match for your desires long enough for the universe to bring them to you. I help you get really clear on this process and live in abundance.
  • Fear Processing - Fear stands in the way, is a problem and keeps you small. HOWEVER fear is also the perfect flashlight to show you where you have room to grow. When you have support and a sacred container to work through fear in, you transmute at lightening speed. Let's shift fear together!
  • Energetic Match - Learn what it means to be an energetic match, in the vibes, and matching frequency . When you start to understand the vortex, how to ask and receive what you desire - the entire game changes.
  • Business Strategy- I support you in creating a roadmap from where you are to where you desire to be in both practical implementation and energetic backing. This is a more holistic approach than just a business plan.
  • Spiritual Tools- I absolutely love to support women to develop their personal practices, expand their tool box, and take the "drills" into the "game" so that you start to use your spiritual work when it really matters.

Ready to up-level your life?

curious what others have

Working one on one with soulmates clients, watching them transmute and transform sets my soul on fire, this is my true calling. I am extremely grateful to have found my most fulfilling passion. I spend every day doing work on myself and with others that feeling like a gift rather than work, I am unbelievably grateful for following my intuition and creating a life & business that I am wildly obsessed with.

Ready to up-level your life?

“My clients became more aligned, I moved the energy around which helped me show up as a more authentic me”

Ruby Lee

Co-Founder, Own Your Hustle

More about Ruby's experience

"In working with Lindsay I brought the joy, the bliss, the happiness back into my life. This is the person I am, I’m so grateful to her for helping me get back to myself."

Rachel Brewster

CEO & Founder,

Unforgettable Leadership

More about Rachel's experience

“It was quantum success, it was that leap, it was faster than ever, it was bigger than I ever thought possible for myself”

Kimberly Wenya

Manifestation Coach & Podcast Host

More about Kimberly's experience

“ I saw immediate change in my life, my abundance/ finances, my mindset, and my ability to achieve my dreams & desires. Lindsay taught me the skill sets I needed to take back my power."

Katie Kaz

Corporate Boss Babe

More about Katie's experience


Change your life AND get some seriously amazing extras...

"How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams" Ebook

Learn how to identify your desires, release limiting beliefs, feel the feelings, take inspired action, and bring in that which you desire.

Spiritual Coaching for Coaches Workbook 

Lay the groundwork for your spiritual coaching business. Designed for current coaches and those ready to start their coaching business.

How to Create a Ritual Bath

Learn how to create the perfect ritual bath, set the intention, create sacred space and more to achieve your dreams!

Are you are ready to shift your vibration and open yourself up to a life and business that is truly aligned?

What if I am not ready quite yet?

We understand that this is a commitment, and since we ask you to show up fully for this program we want to you to commit when you are prepared. Of course we want to remind you that so often we need to take a leap of faith on things that we desire and hold back from based on fear. We want you to overcome fear and show up for yourself. If you are working out the details, the finances, the timing, the energetic space for this program we understand. Lindsay only has a certain amount of coaching clients that she takes on per month. When you know that you want to sign up, you can email us to be put on the waitlist if she is not actively taking on new clients and you will get an email before she opens up coaching spots for the next month.

Do you know you want to work with Lindsay but want to start in a month or two? You are also able to secure your coaching program start date in a future month with a deposit, inquire on your discovery call for pre-booking options. 

What if I'm looking for something at a lower rate?

We understand that everyone is in a different place when it comes to finances. We know that this program will help with your money mindset, abundance, and so much more! If you need a payment plan we have an offer for you, let's chat!

Are there additional ways to work with Lindsay?

Take at all of Lindsay's offerings here

Do you offer refunds?

Our & Are does not offer refunds. Spiritual Wellness & Mindset coaching asks a lot from you and Lindsay, Our & Are’s Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach. When you commit to this program we ask that you fully commit. If you leave yourself that out, that plan b, that back up, you will allow that option to pop up. We want you to get all of the progress, all of the magic, and all of the up-levels possible and if you don’t commit 100% that creates opposing forces. Once you have processed your payment Our & Are does not offer refunds.

Is today the day you take a step forward?