Using rose colored glasses with your issues

Let us add a little extra loveliness to everything shall we?

Let the music sound a little sweeter, the flavor come alive, and the set & setting look a little extra radiant. I ask you to take rose colored glasses and look at your problems, roadblocks, limiting beliefs, etc. 

It is a skill to see the beauty in pretty much anything and anyone. Are you able to tap into this? 

Try taking a look at a problem, stressor, or conflict you have. Now put your rose colored glasses on. What do you see? How do you feel? 

One of the biggest, brightest, and most game-changing aha moments I have ever had in my spiritual journey was that everything is happening for me, not to me. Now I know that sounds like an instagram quote (because it is), but it's so true. And in the truth of this statement, there is so much magic. 

When I look at things in my life with my rose colored glasses on, or think of them as happening for instead of to me - - - I get to the lesson WAY quicker. When you start to experience the sticky parts of life as lessons, you create a pattern within yourself and you learn to extract from the experience what you need and move on. That means no more wallowing in the heaviness, no more trudging through the mess, and no more carrying things that do not serve you. 

If you KNOW, BELIEVE, and ACCEPT that whatever you are going through has a lesson that you need somewhere in the mess, you start to grow through things instead of go through things (hit ya with another instagram quote). 

In theory I get that this sounds a little woo woo but let's apply it. I'll take a personal situation and show you how I utilized this process. 

I recently had a "difficult" situation arise, a friend of mine broke up with me. After I reached out to her to check on her, see how she was doing, she ignored my message for a while and when she finally got back to me, she told me that she is trying to de-stress her life and she is finding it harder and hard to hang out, she said we were going in different directions. To her message I responded with a peaceful ok. I didn't argue, or try to defend myself or my position, and I had the thought come through that I would not beg anyone to be my friend. I knew in my heart of hearts that I am an amazing friend and that I bend over backwards for the people I care for and I know that she is one of those people. I processed the whole thing very well, said ok with peace and calm, and thought to myself I know this happens, as I up-level and shift, I lose friends along the way. It has happened before and it will happen again, remember that things have for you not to you. 


After the ease and grace started to fade away, my second response, was not woo woo, spiritual, high vibes only, because I'm human and life can be tough sometimes. This was a woman I deeply care for, have put heart and soul into our relationship, I've been beside her for several major life events etc etc etc. So my ego took over, I checked our message history to prove to myself that I had been the one reaching out constantly and that she was lacking in the response, I thought through the most recent situations were had been in together and talked myself through why things went the way they went - reaffirming my actions and words. I started to play the victim and say things to myself about how unfair it was that I did xyz for her and how it won't be balanced that she won't do those same things for me. I got dragged under thinking about the implications with our friend group & future events. I talked to a friend and poured my heart out, feeling even more hurt than I had thought. I kept saying to myself things like I'm good with this, I've let this go, these things happen, but deep down I was holding onto pain, hurt, irritation, and I was strongly in the victim mindset. 

So I took out my rose - colored glasses, and did the exact exercise I'm asking you to do. I looked for the sweetness, the radiance, the beauty, the power, and most of all the lesson. 

Whether or not I agreed with her, she felt as if our friendship was no longer serving her highest and greatest good. I am proud to be or have been friends with women who stand up for themselves, who say things like that, who do the work and show up for themselves. I see the beauty in this and I respect and congratulate her for it. I know that I have done this and will do this in the future, so if she feels aligned with this I support it for her highest and greatest. As I accept that things happen for me instead of to me, I see that this creates space for me call in more people into my life who vibrate at my level, who speak the language of my soul, and who can give to me and receive from me. Through her action both of us gained space for light, brighter, bigger, and better. 

I practiced the ever important lesson of letting things go, of not holding on too tight, or releasing attachment. This is definitely a lesson I need to work with. I find that we become so attached to things, even mistakes. When we've spent a lot of time and energy on something we don't want to give it up. We hold on and we make excuses and explain things away. This situation asked me to release anything that no longer serves me. I trust in the universe, I asked that this new space might be filled with something light, brighter, bigger, and better. Potentially a new mentor, a vibe tribe friend, someone who sees me in a new way, someone who helps we achieve my goals, or someone whom I get to grow with. 

I sent her love and light, I spent time in gratitude for the relationship we did have and the amazing times we shared, I let go of hurt because I know that she was doing what she felt was best for herself and I must do that as well. I love her and even though I experienced pain, I utilized my Libra rose colored glasses to see the messages, lessons, and beauty in this situation. 

Can you use your glasses so see a difficult situation in a new way? 

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