Journal Prompt – When you worry what others think/feel/say

Do you love beauty, do crave unity - peace - harmony.

In your efforts to keep the peace do you ever have a hard time saying no, drawing boundaries, or standing up for what you want.

As you set your intentions, focus, and desires let us hold this focus.

Ask yourself these questions to make sure you get the most out of your intentions.

  • Is this something I truly want? Make sure it doesn't just "look good" you want to make sure you really really want this. 
  • Am I worried about what other people think/feel/say? Make sure you want this for yourself and you aren't taking other people's influence in the negative. It's a great thing to bounce ideas off others, ask questions, use your resources but you want to make sure that in the end, YOU make the decision, YOU choose what you want.
  • Am I playing small? I like to add this one in on the Libra phase because sometimes when we are focused on balance, peace, harmony, we don't want to rock the boat per say, and we let our desires fall short of our true dreams. So dream big lady, put it out there, be honest, what do you really really want if you could have anything...?

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