Our & Are

Our Divine Feminine 
We Are Divinely Feminine

This mantra is where Our & Are bloomed from. I love the statement. Owning my divine feminine by saying Our Divine Feminine. I love the connection, community, and tribe that is built in saying our instead of just my own. Together, divine feminine women achieve more. When we come together, when we build our tribes, when we support each other, lift each other, here is where the magic is. When we gather, learn, love and grow while other wild women hold sacred space for each us – this is beautiful, this is powerful.  Working with the Divine Feminine or working with my Divine Feminine has been the gate keeper for so much of my healing, spiritual development, and up-leveling. 

Activate and connect with your
Divine Feminine by feeling your feelings.

Your feelings are so important, honoring what you feel bridges the gap so many of us have between self and our divine feminine self. The schism from our feelings that our current society encourages, has resulted in a weakened connection to our divine feminine. When we bottle up our feelings, or force ourselves to feel a certain way, or avoid feelings all together we create di-ease, or even disease in the physical body.  Not to mention the havoc this takes on the spiritual body. We can carry this damage and these blockages with us in our energy fields for very long periods of time. 

You must connect with your emotions, you must feel your emotions. Emotions can be tools to self discovery and self mastery if used correctly.  
Honor the cycle of feelings, the initial taste of feeling, fully feel your feeling, but then let go of your feeling. You want to make sure that you practice non-attachment when you are feeling your feeling. It is in the holding onto our feeling that we create issues. 

Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph. D., and author of My Stroke of Insight speaks to the 90 second rule. I love this overview and find it really helps my clients to develop a new relationship with their emotions. Jill says, When a person has a reaction to something in their environment, there’s a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.”  

Very often we feel our feelings but then we let our mind run away with us. We stay in that space for a while, we mull it over, we pull it apart, and we intensify our reactions. You must let them go after you have honored them. 

For many women the container is very important for feeling her feeling. Having a sacred space to share is often a vital piece of the puzzle. That space may be with a friend, family member, a therapist, or a spiritual coach. My clients and I discuss a roadblock, a feeling, a situation and in discussing it in a sacred container, with someone who is holding space for them, they find that they are able to work through their feelings, gain the lesson, and move forward with ease and grace. 

The more practiced you are at feeling your feelings the easier it becomes to ride the waves of emotions. You find that you do not get as riled up as before, you do not have to give as much time to the feelings. You honor them in truth as they come up, you work through them efficiently and gain the lesson. Emotions are a source of Divine Feminine understanding, wisdom, and intuition. One of the greatest tools I develop with women is this, “there is so much in the feeling, so many messages, so much truth, all the magic you need to create the life of your dreams is in the feeling.” 

It is also through feelings that we are able to manifest. You must feel the feelings of having the thing you are trying to manifest before it is actually yours. 

Feelings hold so many keys for us.

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