Connect to Your Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine within each of us is the part of us that flows, feels, creates, intuits, collaborates, loves, and embraces sensuality. 

Let's a take a look a few practices that will help you to get more in tune with your Divine Feminine and call it forth. 

#1 Connect with the Lunar Cycles! I know it's super redundant since we just got done going over our intention setting practices for the Libra New Moon but seriously, connecting with the cycles, honoring the cycles, being aware of the cycles is a game changing practice. Also take a look at how your feminine cycle syncs up to the moon. Do you bleed on the new moon or the full moon? Do you follow the process of the moon, retreating and relaxing into your own feminine cycle as the new moon appears? Do you ovulate and step into your most fertile phase as the moon grows large and full? Or do you balance in opposition to the moon? Have you looked at how the moon affects you? How does your sleep, moon, stamina, libido, etc respond to the phases of the moon? 

#2 Walk on the earth BAREFOOT.  Ladies if you don't already have a habit of taking off your shoes and standing/walking on Mother Earth without shoes, please please add this to your practice. Stand on the earth, feel the deep grounding and balancing that you feel just from placing your bare feet on the earth. Soak up the magic, the power, and the divine force of the earth. Feel the femininity being called from the earth through your feet into your body and soul. 

#3 Work with crystals & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Working with earth's gorgeous gemstones, crystals, and magical treasures is a practice that helps you connect with your Divine Feminine. Selecting a stone is based off feeling and intuition, which flees this feminine muscle. Also appreciating the beauty in life helps us encourage the Divine Feminine. The soft pink glow of a salt lamp, and the cleansing and balance of the energy speaks to the Divine Feminine within us. 

#4 Vibe Tribe, Lady Brigade, Soul Sisters, Gal Pals, Besties, etc. There are so many names for the lady loves and groups of powerful women in your world but one thing connects them all, magic. Ladies who speak your language, hype you up, support you, cheer you on, build you up instead of break you down are an important part of working with your Divine Feminine. A woman standing deeply connected in her Divine Feminine works with other women, not against. She supports other women, instead of competing against. This Divine woman knows that there is enough happiness, abundance, and magic for us all! She wants to bring other women with her into power, fulfillment, and major up-leveling! She does not fear other women, she builds with other women! Take some time to support a lady love, connect with a soul sister, or bring together a group of inspiring women. If you can't get together physically with some of your vibe tribe, consider becoming part of an impactful women's facebook group. (Our & Are has an amazing one, join us: click here.) 

#5 Use your intuition. That can mean working with an intuitive guidance or tarot deck, working with a pendulum, meditating and listening for messages, taking time to sit in nature and receive guidance, laying hands on your chakras and connecting to your energy, or using flashcards to flex your intuitive muscle. There are so many options here, but the main point is to use it! Use it & trust it! Work with your intuition on a daily basis and start to have faith in it. When you get the feeling that you knew that or saw that or predicted that, trust it. Don't second guess yourself or tell yourself that can't be right. Move into the flow. 

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