Tarot/Intuitive Card readings for transition times

The transition to a new year of life (birthdays) and a new calendar year are all really big milestones and deserve some intention.  A great way to connect to your desires, goals, and dreams for your birthday or a new calendar year, or any transition time, is to do a card pull. This way you can get some guidance from the universe, source, ether, your guides, your angels, God. (whatever you believe in & align with)

How To: 
Tap off the cards (if they have anyone else's energy on them)

Touch each card while saying your name (first, first and last, nick name, first last and middle, whatever feels good to you)

Ask your question
-examples for your birthday "I ask this deck, my intuition, my guides, and all those that support my highest truth and intention, what is an area of growth, focus, or lesson I need to learn for this coming year"

Shuffle till you feel good
Select your card (below I have two popular ways to select your card)
-cut the deck and pull from the top
-fan the deck out and select the card that feels good to you

Then you want to look at the card - gather information from the pictures, colors, symbols, etc

Then read the guidebook - gather information from the words, messages, and practices

Then tie it into your own life. Start to allow your mind and intuition to connect the dots. Does a memory pop into your mind, do you think of a certain person, does this line up with other things?

Allow time and free write or speak to yourself and try to work out what that specific card means for you and your next year or the next calendar year.


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