Connect to your Divine Feminine by working with your Goddess Self

Let's talk about your goddess self.

You divine feminine embodied.

Your juicy, sensual, luscious, vibrant, and vivacious self.

Beautiful from the inside out.

Powerful and yet soft.

Embodied yet ethereal. 

Your goddess self is the version of you that manifests with a thought, that stands in her truth, that speaks authentically, that shows up for herself, that loves herself. 

Your goddess self is the version of you that does what she wants to fucking do. She honors her feelings. She trusts her gut. She believes in herself. 

Your goddess self is for your highest and greatest. 

Your goddess self is abundant AF. 

Have you connected with your goddess self? Have you seen her? Have you heard her voice? Do you talk to her on a regular basis? 

Spend some time journaling about your goddess self. What does she do, how does she feel, what does she ask of you, what does she represent for you. Describe her. Write down all the things that make you feel goddess like, that represent the goddess self to you, characteristics that your goddess self embodies. 

What does she look like?
Research some goddesses and see what they are all about. Does one stick out to you? 

After you write out you homework answers, do some searching on the web seeing different goddesses, read your journal entries right  before you meditate.

Then go into a mediative state and call your goddess self forward. Ask her to show herself to you, ask to hear her voice, ask to see her signs and symbols.

Once you connect with her, ask her some questions.
Do you have a question you want support in?
Do you want to know what she thinks or feels about a decision you are making?
Maybe you want to ask her what you should do to connect more fully to your divine feminine. 

Spend some time with her in mediation and then thank her for her love and support. 

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