Activity – How do I speak to myself?

Let us all re-center our focus.

Rather than external factors may we call our attention to the internal world. This is a great time to dive into internal healing, limiting beliefs, blocks, or area of growth.

For this clinging activity I am asking you to think about this very very important topic. 

How do I speak to myself? 
Are my thoughts mostly positive or negative?

Do I allow my negative thoughts to run away with me?

Do I go down a negative Nancy rabbit hole when one thought creeps in?

Do I fixate and obsess of what could go wrong?

Do I look to external factors to keep my "happy" up? 


Am I gentle, caring, and patient with myself?

 I release my negative thoughts and allow them to move through me?

Do I give myself regular encouragement and celebrate my successes?

Do I constantly reaffirm to myself how amazing, worthy, powerful, and magical I am?

Do I focus on cultivating my own happiness within myself? 

If during this practice you find that your thoughts are negative -- Let's be real y'all EVERYONE experiences negative thoughts-- it's all about how you deal with them.

Do your negative thoughts run the show?

#1 Start with catching the thought when it comes up. Acknowledge that it is a negative, become aware of how often that happens.

#2 Practice non- attachment, when a negative thought comes up don't hold onto it, don't spend more time on it than you need to, when it starts to leave - let it!

#3 Next level practice, when a negative thought creeps up replace it with 3 positive thoughts. 

Example (this is a personal one for me, it happens on the reg):
Negative thought: OMG there is a parking ticket on my car 

Replacement thoughts: My car is safe, secure, and taken care of always. Things work out for my highest and greatest. Everything is working out in my favor today. 

Most often this practice allows me to release the thoughts of parking tickets so that I avoid manifesting one.

A very special time I manifested the wrong number printed on a parking ticket, so I did not even have to pay it! 

Practice shifting your negative thoughts to positive ones.

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