Setting intentions with – Focus – Passion – Intuition

Here is a great practice when you are setting intention, be that for a week, a new year, a new lunar phase, or just general goal/desire setting. Working with intention and aligned focus is a game changer. 

  • Focus – is it time to focus on your desires, or the task at hand etc. Tap into the power of focus, if you need assistance in keeping focused have you worked with breath control / breath work? As you set intentions/goals/desires call upon the power of focus to follow through on the action steps to call your intention into reality – you are the conscious creator 

  • Passionate – Are you a very passionate being? Call upon this aspect as you set your intentions. Call in more of the things you love, care about, and are passionate about into your world and let the other things fade away. 

  • Intuitive - Tap into your intuitive power, flex that intuitive muscle. Sit in mediation, work with intuitive guidance or tarot cards, connect with a crystal, do some free writing or journaling, watch a youtube video on developing your intuition, ask yourself a question and sit in silence and allow yourself to "know" the answer, or connect with your intuition in a way that feels good for you. This is a very powerful time, take advantage! 

Spend some time thinking about your intention, use your intuition to create your intention for your next step/phase/lunar phase/month/quarter/year. 

Really get to know your desires, what do you want now and what do you want in the future. 

Write out your intention and put it in a special place, surround it with items that make you feel magical, powerful, passionate, and intuitive. Call in your vibrational potency, align with focus and ask for guidance on spiritually aligned actions to help your intention along. 

You don't always have to be hustling to be accomplishing. Connect with your intuition and then listen! Sometimes sitting in mediation, taking a day off, or saying no to something is just as important as checking things off your to do list and making moves. As women, we need to honor our cycles and go go go is not a 24/7 option for us. Time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation are just as important as getting "things" done. When you start to prioritize balance, and honor your cycles you start to step into flow. 

Lady, I am telling you a state of FLOW is really really powerful. When you call that which you desire from the ether into reality with your thoughts, your words, and your vibration - that is magic! 

“The moon is one of the greatest mirrors
we have, she reflects back to us our truth”
– Lindsay founder of Our & Are 

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