Sagittarius vibes & intention setting

“Just like the moon, we go through phases”
– Londrelle

During the lunar phases in Sagittarius, the zodiac phase of Sag and any time you want to bring in some Sag vibes - here is a powerful Sag intention setting write up.

I will for-warn that I am on cloud 9 and oh so biased when I start to talk about the lovely archer. I am a fire sign, I am a sagittarius, I am the archer and I am the horse. I am the bow & the arrow. 

A little about the Sag, we are travelers. Some of us physical travelers of the world and other esoteric travelers of the soul and some of us are both. We have open minds, and we have a philosophical view of life, love and all things. We are wanders but we are not lost, we are always in search of bigger meaning, more healing, and more lessons. We want to understand and learn. We are extroverted, we look on the bright side and tend to recover quick from damage, we have resilience, and we are so exuberant. We have that Joie de Vivre, that zest for life and it shows.  

We also dream BIG! And that's where I would like to focus for our Intention Setting practice. Let's set a big intention, let's dream big, let's go for it! I ask that you open your heart, open your mind, open your soul to your true desires. 

What is it that you truly want? 

For instance check out the difference here: 
I want to sign clients 
I sign 10 soulmate clients each month, I want to get the most amazing results for these clients, each of these clients provides me with a glowing review and they tell their friends. I enjoy working with each of the clients and I am the perfect service provider for each one of them 

When you develop the desire and you spend time getting clear on what you want you allow the universe to work even more efficiently for you. 

When you are setting the intention for this new moon, DREAM BIG!

Write down the dream you have that you are scared to say outline, the one you don't want to tell anyone for fear of what discouraging things they might say. Set a big goal, set a long term goal, set a crazy goal. 

Push yourself out of that comfort zone! 

Now make sure to write this as an I am statement or in the present, or even better as if it has already happened. 
I want to sign clients 
I am signing two soulmate clients weekly 
I signed two soulmates clients every week for the entire month XYZ, it was so amazing! 

How you say things, how you write things, how you integrate the belief of things into your system is HUGE! Please make sure you take the time to work with the language. Our brains are like computer systems and just like with google or excel there are special formulas, ways to do and say things that work so much better! Take advantage of this system.

If you do not start down the path of getting clear on what you want, saying it, believing it, speaking it into existence - how are you going to get there with ease & grace?

If you aren't already a part of the Our & Are community please join us at, together we share our intentions, help with manifestations, and create a sacred space to develop ourselves and support other women. 

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