Connect with your wild woman, your priestess, your wise woman

Connect with your priestess, wild woman, wise woman

Let's tap into your sacred, your special, and your most powerful & potent vibration. 

For this Activity I'd like you to connect with your wild woman, your priestess, your wise woman. Feel free to call in the version of you that speaks to your intuition, your growth, standing in your power, owning your truth, and all those yummy things. 

Create some sacred space - follow one of the many rituals that help you create sacred space and cultivate powerful intention. 
Some of my favorites: 
- ritual bath 
- create an altar 
- create a mediation space or journaling space 
- space clear with sage or Palo Santo 
- use sound therapy to cleanse the space (crystal singing bowls, drumming, chimes etc) 

This can be as simple as bringing a few of your favorite crystals to your desk, making a cup of your favorite tea, and sitting down to journal for a solid 15 minutes. And can be as detailed as you desire. I personally LOVE ritual baths. I created an Ebook on how to create a beautiful and powerful Ritual Bath, if you'd like a FREE copy just email us at with the subject RITUAL BATH, and we will send you a copy for free! 

Whatever process or ritual you follow just set the intention for sacred space. 

Now I want you to connect with and embody your Priestess, your medicine woman, your wild woman, your wise woman. That version of self that speaks her truth, that stands up for what she believes in, that follows her intuition, and moves sensually. This version of you is deeply connected with your desires and your feminine self. 

How to connect with your modern mystic self: 
-follow a guided mediation (my favorite app is insight timer, youtube is a great resource, or if you'd like a personalized suggestion shoot me an email 
-create an altar with symbols of your goddess self, wise woman, modern mystic (that might be a piece of clothing or jewelry that calls to your intuition, a book from your grandmother, a pen your mom loves, dried flowers from a special time, or totems from your soul's passions, the act of collecting and arranging these items helps connect you with your higher self 
-write a note to this version of yourself, possibly describing her 
-call to mind a time when you were embodied with this version of self and tell that story to yourself with a lot of detail 
-put on a song that calls to the medicine woman in you (for me I love to listen to my Ayahuasca playlist to connect me)

After you take the time to create sacred space and call your wise woman, goddess, modern mystic, higher self into presence, and embody her.

I want you to head to the mirror and do the following: 
express gratitude for her, tell her all the amazing things she is, ways she helps you, etc
-talk to her about the roadblocks or limiting beliefs (just freely speak to the issues or concerns, don't feel tied to solutions at this point, just say it to her, offer it to her) 
-tell her your desires (speak freely and openly, tell her everything you can think of that you desire, any intentions you have) 
Now ask for her divine guidance and support 
Then grab your Journal and free write 
let the words pour from you
don't try to make sense of it all yet just write 
anything that pops into your head put on paper 

Try doing this practice a few times this week. You can do the full version each time or the full version first and for the next times close your eyes, call the experience to mind, describe it, then when you open your eyes go directly to journaling. 
Thank yourself,
love yourself,
& feel the power of your dreams

You are the conscious creator, the only limitations to your desires are ones you self impose. 

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