Some of my favorite practices to get deeply connected to your divine feminine

Divine feminine practices that Lindsay Schroeder, Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, and Mindset Coach with Our & Are uses to get connected to her Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine 

“we have forgotten that we were born
of celestial cataclysm.

we have forgotten how to dance
bare-footed on the earth to the cadence
of our souls. we have forgotten the ritual
fires and the acrid tang of holy smoke
on our tongues.” 

― Beth Morey

 I thought that during pregnancy my sensuality, sexuality, and absolute zest for eroticism would soften, would chill out, or would take a backseat. 

I was wrong. 

My divine feminine, my goddess, my sensual priestess has awoken like never before. 

The magic that I am experiencing in this new body, with this new being growing inside me is unparalleled. 

I have opened up to more downloads, more practices, and have been more enlightened than ever before. 

And I am so excited to share that with you all, because we all need a little more ambrosial sweetness in our lives. 

Here are some of my favorite practices to get deeply connected and in tune with my divine feminine (some I've told you about before and others are new): 

  • orgasm manifestation 
  • self pleasure meditation 
  • erotic dance 
  • card readings for a pleasure practice 
  • crystal reading for a pleasure practice 
  • adornment and anointment practice 
  • ritual baths 

This is a list of goddess blessings that I offer to myself often, they help me to connect, to open up, to elevate my vibration, to call in more positivity and more goodness, they feed my soul & fill my cup. 

Orgasm manifestation we've discussed before, you can check out that write up here on the blog. I love this practice, it's so powerful, some of my easiest and fastest manifestations have come through this practice. 

Self pleasure meditation, I will often select a meditation that opens my 2nd charka and partner that conscious mediation with pleasure practice. This is a great first step to orgasm manifestation if you need a warm up to being able to focus on your goals/desires while self pleasuring to orgasm. 
I don't put the pressure of an orgasm on this practice but often I achieve it anyway. I really focus on feeling good, feeling connected, exploring physical pleasure as my mind and energy explore feeling deeply connected in the mediation. 

Erotic dance, I have more frequently been putting on a song that bubbles and builds my erotic energy. Moving my body, allowing the feelings to move through me, build in me, and touching the flows and curves and movements of my physical vessel while the sweet notes and ambient energy dances around me really really serves me. I've been loving to dance to this song recently. 

Card readings for pleasure practice, I will select one of my decks, set intention, shuffle, and ask the question - what focus would serve me best during my pleasure practice. The card I pull might offer me a setting to envision myself in, a potential partner for imaginative play, a theme, or goal, etc etc etc. Sometimes it's the colors and feeling that I allow myself to connect to. This practice has opened up a whole new level of sensual practice for me. 

Very similar is a crystal reading/pull for pleasure practice. I will put a ton of my crystals into a container or bag and close my eyes and pull one out. Then I will focus on the vibration, energy, vibe, etc of that crystal for my pleasure practice. 

Adornment and anointment, I love to use luxe oils and spend time applying them all over my body. Taking the time to create an oil blend, add different ingredients, maybe even flowers, light some candles, put on music, and coat my vessel in these healing and beautifying oils makes me feel amazing, orgasmic almost, and it calls forth a deep connection to my body. It also elevates my vibration to a buzzing state (this is then a great time for me to go into mediation and get some powerful downloads). 

And one of my go tos, ritual baths. If you haven't checked out my article all about ritual baths you need to visit life goals mag. It's one of my favorite and most consistent rituals. 

I encourage you to try one of these practices or a practice that you love and gravitate towards to connect deeper and more consistently with your divine feminine. 

May we all magnetize our desires to us, stepping more fully into flow each and every day. 

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