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one-on-one with

Lindsay Schroeder


"High impact energy healing
intense intuitive training
for the life & business of your dreams" 


  • Do you have an area in your life or business that NEEDS to be cleared, release, or transmuted?
  • Something holding you back, keeping your from your desires & dreams, something that you have been carrying with you for a long long time...?
  • Sometimes we have been carrying this weight for so long, it's so deeply a part of us that we almost don't notice it - BUT - we do notice the weight of it in our lives and businesses.

If you are ready to let go of your crap, elevate your vibration, and up-level your life - Lindsay's two hour Power Session is for you!


  • Do you look to outside sources for authority and permission, bypassing your own intuitive hits & messages...?

  • Do you receive spiritual downloads but don't know how to process them until it's too late and then you think to yourself, I knew that but didn't act...?

  • Are you ready to flex your intuitive muscle and build a connection with your own energy system...?

If this sounds like you, if you are ready to do some deep work, make some major progress, and elevate your intuitive connection - Lindsay's two hour Power Session is for you!


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Lindsay's work focuses on change from the inside out, through her unique blend of High Impact Energy Healing & Intensive Intuitive Training she is able to help you set yourself up for MAJOR change in her two hour Power Sessions.  

Her services are a powerful blend of energy reading, energy work, mindset shifting, practical tools, spiritual wellness, intuitive business, and elevating your vibration.

BUT it doesn't stop there, what really sets her work apart is the focus she places on connecting you and your intuition!


It's not about her giving you the answers or even just reading your energy, it's about teaching you what it feels like, how it presents, and helping you learn to navigate that process yourself. After working with Lindsay you will know how to flex your intuitive muscle, as you practice these skills more and more as time progresses you develop your own intuition & that changes your life & business. 



Lindsay's clients are experiencing powerful breakthroughs and up-levels through her Power Sessions:

Emily felt like she couldn’t start a business and have a boyfriend at the same time. As much spiritual and inner work as she had done over the past years, she felt like love was the ‘big black box’ she just didn’t want to touch. She wasn't ready to dive into love, partnership, and connection - however she knew she really desired all these things. She just wasn't willing to give up any bit of success and progress in her new business.

  • In their 2 hour power session Lindsay guided Emily through her intuitive download, she helped her open to the possibility of love & success coinciding. Through deep energy healing & clearing work coupled with intuitive processing & training Lindsay was able to support Emily in some MAJOR SHIFTS! One week later, she met a man she’s happily with STILL and her business is growing more and more every day. She was able to have it all through releasing her "black box" 

Alex has had a difficult relationship with her family for a long time. She's always felt like the black sheep. She felt stress and tension almost every time she would return home and interact with her family. She didn't see a way for things to get better.

  • In their 2 hour Power Session Lindsay supported Alex is releasing, re-programining, and shifting her understanding around her family. They cleared out stagnation, opened up to a new way of seeing and processing her family. Lindsay also guided Alex through her intuitive downloads and showed her the process they used. Alex was then able to deep dive into this intuitive process after their session to get even more deeply connected to her own energy.

  • The next time Alex went home to visit her family - everything was different. A situation that would have previously been traumatic, Alex was able to navigate with new alignment and confidence. She connected with her family like never before and released a ton of excess energetic weight. She was also able to manifest a magical experience with her family because of her openness.

  • It doesn't stop there, Alex has been receiving intuitive downloads left and right since these shifts and is now aligning to a new career path, releasing a past partner who does not serve her, and is stepping into her truth as a spiritual leader.

These Power Sessions offer women a way to work with Lindsay in an intensive 2 hour session. The possibilities of what can be accomplished are truly endless!

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Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, & Mindset Coach with the company she founded, Our & Are. 

She supports service based entrepreneurs & spiritually curious ladies develop their intuition, align their mindset, & up-level their lives and businesses. 

Lindsay is also a light worker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner. Her comprehensive approach to wellness & spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset work, connecting with the lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal work, healing circles, meditative practice, rituals creation, & much more. 

In healing her own life she found that she longed to share the practices that helped her release her childhood trauma, work through past relationship issues, develop deep self awareness, self confidence, and self love. She is passionate about helping women become conscious creators of the life they truly desire. Her gifts flower through her main service styles: High Impact Energy Healing & Intensive Intuitive Training


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What if I am not ready quite yet?

Working in this container is high impact so you totally understand that you need to be intentional, if you aren't quite ready to work with Lindsay one on one we encourage you to join us in our Private Facebook Group. Be in the energy of others who are developing their skills and join Lindsay for all her livestreams, lessons, and supportive content.

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What if I am interested in a full coaching program?

We understand that everyone's ideal process is very personal. Lindsay offers 60 & 90 day coaching programs as well. Take a look at the her other program offerings here: https://ourandare.com/90-day-signature-program/ & https://ourandare.com/work-with-lindsay/


Do you offer refunds? 

Our & Are does not offer refunds. Spiritual Wellness & Mindset coaching asks a lot from you and Lindsay. When you commit to a session or program we ask that you fully commit. If you leave yourself that out, that plan b, that back up, you will allow that option to pop up. We want you to get all of the progress, all of the magic, and all of the up-levels possible and if you don’t commit 100% that creates opposing forces. Once you have processed your payment Our & Are does not offer refunds.


It's my time to shift, elevate, and up-level!

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