Pisces Full Moon Activity

upcoming lunar phases september
  • September 2nd 2020 the Full Moon arrives in Pisces 
  • September 10th 2020 the Last Quarter Moon arrives in Gemini 
  • September 17th 2020 the New Moon arrives in Virgo  
  • September 23rd 2020 the First Quarter Moon arrives in Sagittarius  
Full Moon Activity sept
Full Moon in Pisces 

“The fact is that since you're a
divine creation
who originated in the world of Spirit,
you have exactly the right amount of smarts to accomplish all that you need
and want to do
while you're here on earth.
It's all perfect... and so are you!”

―  Wayne Dyer

This month, for our full moon in Pisces, I'm inspired by a magical product my friend Natalie Holbrook of Natalie Holbrook Wellness created, that I've been working with and loving.

I've been working with the Pisces tincture she created, she calls it Sacred Creation. This tincture has Egyptian Blue Lotus in it and is best used with music, creation, and mind travel. It's one of four tinctures I'm working closely with right now that Natalie made for me.

Now, when I think of Pisces, I think of Sacred Creation. That is my inspiration for this month.

To prepare for this month's activity:
- select a song or album that gets your creative, juicy vibes going ((this can be any type of sound not limited to anything specific, I personally love to work with nature sounds, binaural beats, etc))
- then get your creative juices flowing, that might be through breathwork, or through some Pinterest perusing, that might be actual creation ((whip out a drawing notepad and create for a few mins, journal it up, etc))

Then once you are feeling the creative vibes, let's mind travel!

1. Select a destination, this can be real or imaged, or beyond your ability to verify if it's real or imagined.
- create a picture of this space
-- this can be an actual photo that you look up, or something you put together on canva or photoshop, or even with pieces of magazine clippings, this can also be completely in the minds eye

2. Drop in
- for me this means breathwork then using a guided mediation to go into a deep space
-- feel free to play with this step, maybe that's relaxing each and every part of your body, maybe that's listening to a progression of hertz music, or maybe it's taking a hot bath and letting go of stress

3. Focus on your consciousness and let your body fade into the background
- for me this is seeing myself, feeling myself, and understanding myself at my truest form which is beyond my body
-- consider what makes sense or aligns for you, maybe dropping into the heart and when you come out of the heart space you are consciousness and not just a body, maybe that is seeing your soul in your body then letting it release from the body, maybe it's connecting with your essence, for others it might be acknowledging that you have past lives

4. Travel to your destination
- for me this is etheric travel, moving through the stars, going beyond time, being the new place
-- for you this might be more practical ((getting in a car, plane, or on a train and traveling to the destination)) or even more etheric ((alien ships, morphing into a puddle like Alex Mac, becoming the wind, etc))

5. Explore your destination & hold space for messages or downloads to come through
- for me this is connecting to the vibration of this space, exploring both on foot and then an overall view ((like bird's eye view or even being able to see through the structure of everything))
- then I like to find my sacred space, and sit in meditation in this destination - welcoming messages and downloads, then once I come out of that mediation in the destination, I come out of meditation in my physical space, and free write to see what information has come with me
-- for you, this might be walking around, opening doors, interacting with people and things in the space, it might be like watching a movie or playing a video game, maybe a choose your own adventure book

Follow your intuition loves!
Travel & Create in sacred magic.

I'd love to hear about your destinations, let's share with each other in the Private Facebook Group.

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