Divine Feminine Practice

divine feminine sept
Divine Feminine 

“music is indeed the mediator
between the spiritual and the sensual life” 

― Beethoven


For me, in a way, these are three parts to one whole. Organized religion ((I was raised Catholic)), never made sense to me, but I always resonated with the way the father, son, and Holy Spirit // ghost was taught. Three parts to a whole, all one in the same but also not the same.

For me I have used that understanding with so many spiritual teachings, and understandings, for one, sound - music - healing.

Healing has come to me often through sound, through music, through the magic is this eternal language.

I'm sure y'all have had the experience where a song comes on the radio or on your shuffle playlist and it's exactly what you need right now. It helps you shift your vibration, let go of what no longer serves you, or call in your desires.

Music can help you bring up an emotion faster than almost anything else.

For this divine feminine practice, find a song that breathes life into your sensual self, your spiritual self, your creative energies.

Find your song, then listen to your song and move, make sounds, connect to the essence of the song.

Then write or speak or move a love offering to the song and beyond that specific song but to sound, music, and healing in general.

- Write a love letter to the song, what it does for you, how it moves you, how you feel, how it teaches you.
- Speak your love offering as spoken poetry, a spoken love letter, let the words fall from your lips, without planning, without pressure, bask in the glow of your words
- Move as your offering, let the shape and sway and divine magic of your body speak your gratitude to sound, to music, to healing

Encouraging your body to move, your lips to speak words of radiant truth, your hands to write sensual words to magic and music and sound helps you get connected and jumpstart your creation energy.

I encourage you to harness this power by following this practice and then creating for your life or business, after this practice create social media content, or write copy, maybe edit your resume, or send a message to a friend, write a note your partner, or send follow up emails to potential clients.

Whatever you do, let the magic you've created flow through it!

<3 Lindsay

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