Fear Processing – a process

Fear Processing - a process by Lindsay Schroeder



Life looks really different from the last time we connected doesn't it.

I know a bunch of stuff might be coming up for you right now and might have been coming up for a while now.

I want you to know that I am here for you, that this community is here for you, and that even though things are scary, fear is everywhere, and anxiety is running wild in our world - that you can still hold your peace, you can still keep calm, you can own your experience.

I encourage you to feel your feelings, but don't hold onto them, let them pass as they start to move on.
Process your fear and the choose to shift it.
Implement your process.

Now is the time to step even more in to your calling, your transmutation, your awakening.

In search of support?

I have a video below all about fear processing, check it out and then take what serves you. Add it to your process or shift it around and make it all yours.

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<3 Lindsay

Ready to process out some of that fear? Check this out. <3 Lindsay

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