Divine Feminine – it’s time to lean in even more (when shit gets harder)

A divine feminine practice for when shit gets crazy

Divine Feminine 

“the difference between
stumbling blocks
stepping stones
is how we use them” 

― unknown

Stepping into receptivity, trust, patience, and faith has been harder recently for a lot of us, I'm with y'all. 

It's been hard for me as well. 

Even when we build a personal practice, even when we have these tools, even when you've been working at it for a while, it can be hard. 


The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how we use them. 

How are you using this current time? 

Are you allowing yourself time and space to process? 
Are you welcoming messages and understandings? 
Are you going inward and examining the feelings and the triggers? 
Are you ready clear out the shit that isn't serving you? 

For this divine feminine practice I ask you to sit in mediation or pull out that journal and ask yourself these two questions: 

  • What am I being called to release, to let go, to transmute? 
  • What do I desire to integrate, become, and implement? 

Come back to these questions and this practice again and again as it serves you. Maybe every morning for a week? Maybe once a week during this time? Maybe every single year on your birthday? 

I'm here for y'all and I'd love to interact with this community. I'd love to hear about your experiences with these practices! Please join this conversation & contribute to the Our & Are private Facebook group by clicking here if you aren't already a part of this community. This is a private and sacred space, a fantastic opportunity to share your sensual musing with others who will hold that sacred container for you. 

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