Full Moon – May 7th – Scorpio – Full Moon Activity

May 7th Full Moon - Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio 

“The greater the level of
calmness of our mind, 
the greater our peace of mind,
the greater our ability
to enjoy a happy & joyful life” 

―  Dalai Lama
Calmness, let's talk about it.
Peace, let's talk about that too. 
The ability to weather the storm,
find the peace amongst the chaos, 
hold on to the internal balance when things get crazy around us, 
One of the qualities I've always been drawn to when it comes to the sign of scorpio is the calm. Just like the actual scorpion, when it is cornered, when it is fearful, when it feels danger, it doesn't show the chaos. You can see the pinchers going, and it usually backs up, but there is a calm, a peace, a preparedness to this scorpion. 

amongst all this chaos,
all this uncertainty,
is the time for our calm,
our peace,
our ability to step back,
to survey,
to defend and protect ourselves when needed,
now is the time for calm above so many other things

For this full moon activity let's talk about practices that calm the central nervous system, tools that de-excite the nervous system, and how you can work with your own practice to support your calm, even during these uncertain times. 

I read a post on Instagram a while back that said the reason we do this "work" is because we are like a bottle, when stress or uncertainty comes along it's like shaking the bottle that is us.

Without work, without support, without focus, we are like soda within the bottle. A little bump here, a big stress shake there and when you open it spews all over... 

But if you do the work then you are like water within the bottle, shake and shake and shake but when you open the bottle - the water is as it once was. 

I know that covid19 is brining up a lot for so many of us. 
I know the rise of the divine feminine is scary, the call to being is intense. 
We've been taught and trained to do do do for so long that be be be is scary as hell. 

So for this month's practice let's talk all about taking care of our calm. 

Here are my top 3 practices // tools for keeping the calm. 

1. Meditation 
Yes, I've said it once, I've said it many times, meditation is one of my absolution favorite practices for keeping my external calm, my internal calm, and the truth of my eternal calm. 

When I'm really worked up, when I feel stress, pressure, anxiety or fear creeping in around the edges... When I feel my water turning to soda and I feel my bottle being shaken... I love to work with meditations that spend a bit of time calming my physical body, support me with breath work, and meditation practices that dance the line with hypnotherapy. I absolute melt when meditation teachers like Marisa Peer snap their fingers and tell me to go snap deeper, snap, deeper, and snap deeper. 

I also really love drum work for these moments because the repetition of the drum creates the soothing feeling of the womb space and then internal heartbeat. This is a calm that almost all of us recognize on an intrinsic level. 

Can't find a mediation that works specifically for you? I love to record my own when I need specific support. Grab your phone and open a new recording, direct yourself to relax each and every part of your body, play some soothing music in the background, direct yourself to release what is stressing you, and then guide yourself through calling in what you desire. 

2. Cacao 
I absolutely love ceremonial grade cacao (my go to is Keith's Cacao, thanks Erin Eber for introducing me, I'm obsessed) 

This magical plant medicine helps to open my heart and really brings the calm in. 

I heat a hefty amount of cacao with almond milk, monk fruit sweetener, and I put in a bit of really high quality butter. I use my frothier to get it nice and fluffy. I'll also add pink Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon, rose petals, and sometimes Maca powder. 

I'll sit with my cup and create a ceremony for myself. I often journal, pull cards, listen to sacred music, or guide myself in a visualization. 

Working with Cacao has really supported me in welcoming the calm when I'm feeling overwhelmed or fearful. 

Love truly conquers fear. 

3. Ritual Baths 
Now, I know I've told y'all this many many times before and for some of you baths aren't part of your practice. I understand if you don't have access to a bath, or if baths don't float your boat (haha water joke) but I want to point out something beyond the specifics of this suggestion. 

Ritual baths are my go to because they are so calming and soothing for me. What is YOUR ritual bath. It's super important to have a practice that speaks to your soul, that combats fear, and that calls in the calm. 

I have a client whose go to practice is hip hop dance. 
I have another client whose go to practices is a silent walk on the beach. 
Another who stargazes, 
one who plays her flute, 
and another who takes her pup to the dog beach and throws beachwood until her elbow aches. 

What is your Ritual Bath? 
Your go to practice that soothes your soul immediately at the first sight, scent, taste, feeling, or sound. 

The bath is mine because it truly is the meeting place between heaven and earth for me. It brings all my elements into balance, it connects me with the ether and the truth. I feel all that was, will be, and is in my ritual baths. 

I'd love to hear what YOUR ritual bath is.
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