Full Moon April 7th – Libra

Full Moon Activity - April 7th Libra

Upcoming Lunar Phases:

  • April 7th 2020 the Full Moon arrives in Libra
  • April 14th 2020 the Last Quarter Moon arrives inCapricorn
  • April 22nd 2020 the New Moon arrives in Taurus 
  • April 30th 2020 the First Quarter Moon arrives in Leo  

Full Moon in Libra 

“I will love the light
for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness
for it shows me the stars.” 

―  Og Mandino

I've been listening to a song over and over and over. 

Those of you who know me or have worked closely with me know this is nothing new. When I love something I really fucking love it. I wear songs out. I will wash a sweater three times in one week cause I'm in love with it. Heck, I've been wearing the same red lip liner since my sophomore year in college (I will not say how long ago that was haha).

When I love something I really really love it. 

What song you ask? 

I'll share. 

The Bones - Maren Morris with lyrics (cause you wanna see what she's saying, trust me)

Now, why am I sharing this with you, besides the fact it's a damn good song. 

For so many reasons, so let's dive in. 

This song makes me feel fucking amazing. It moves through me and I can feel my vibration elevate with just the first few notes. 

With the craziness and upheaval that we are all going through right now, that is something really special. 

I encourage you to find your :things:

Find the things that make you feel good, that elevate your vibration and use them. 

Next this message is powerful for me, and I hope it's powerful for you as well. 

The house don't fall when the bones are good. 

That points out to me that when we try, when we put effort in, when we build our house with intention, when we put the work in, it stands through the storm. 

Marren says that even though the wolves come, the house stays standing. 

Is your house standing? 

When the wolf comes, when covid shows up, when fear sets in, when you feel the anxiety around you all the time, when the first & last thing you see on social media is insanity, is your house still standing? 

Now I know that paint might peel 
The glass might crack 

But is the house standing? 

This song is a reminder that I put my work in, I created practices, I shift them and edit them as I need, I lean in to my work all the time, I mediate, I journal, I sound heal, I take SO MANY RITUAL BATHS, I read the books, and listen to the podcast, and I fucking love it all! 

But even more so (than just doing these things because they feel amazing) is the fact that BECAUSE I lean into these practices when it's all good, when the sun I shining, and I'm walking on that sunshine - when the wind comes through, when its hurricane time, when shit hits the fan, they are there for me. 

Now is the time to lean into your practice y'all. 
Now is the time to do the work, to show up for yourself. 
Your house don't fall when the bones are good. 
Say it with me. 
Sing it with Marren. 

Keep it up loves, I'm here with you and for you. 
Celebrate the wins this full moon, even if it's just waking up and doing the work, being there for yourself, that's a MAJOR win. 

I love y'all! 

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