Just Quit Your Corporate 9-5 Job, Ready for Entrepreneurship?

Did you recently just quit your 9-5 job?

Is it time to go all in on your side hustle, dharmic calling, your own business, your passion, your purpose, your spiritual business?

  • Are you ready to shift your corporate programming?
  • Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?
  • Are you ready to be a soulpreneur?
Lindsay Schroeder spiritual wellness mentor, intuitive business coach, priestess, light worker, energy healer, medicine woman

My name is Lindsay Schroeder and I'm an Intuitive Business Coach

Amongst many other titles like Priestess, Medicine Woman, Light Worker, Energy Healer

So much of my work focuses on YOU!

My ideal client is someone ready to really look at that inner programming that school (our school system builds factory workers) and the corporate system deeply implants. 
Working in the corporate world really does a number on us. It's all about following the rules, fitting in, hiding our otherness, working for someone else.
Just like school before it, it teaches us not to question things, often times not to think for ourselves, and so much more.
When you break off onto you own, when you finally break those chains and start your own business - follow your own heart and calling - what's left from all that implantation is intense.
So many of my clients have been in that exact same spot.
  • ready to leave but deciding when to pull the trigger
  • ready to leave but scared to trust their business full time
  • just left and still following the same "rules" that corporate pushed on them
  • just left but forcing themselves to work in the ways they've always worked - forcing themselves to do what they've always done


What made you successful in corporate won't always make you successful as an entrepreneur and so often definetly won't bring about success in the same way as a SOULPRENEUR!


a SOULPRENEUR is an entrepreneur that is doing their soul work, following their dharmic calling - standing in the passion & purpose


So are you hearing yourself say any of these things?

+ I wish I would quit my corporate job and do something I really love

+ I'm ready to leave my 9-5 job and pursue my passion

+ I know it's possible to make money doing what I love

+ I don't want to work for someone else and build someone else's dreams forever

+ I want to be in charge of my own schedule

+ I am ready to work with the type of clients that really light me up

+ Maybe there is a better way

+ Maybe I could do something differently

+ Maybe it's my time to do what I want in a way that feels really good and makes me a ton of fulfilling money


Does that sound like you?

Do you wish it did?


Then let's talk!

YOU are my ideal client if you are ready to really look at that inner programming and SHIFT it!

Clients who have worked with me right before they quit or right after they quit find programming like this all the time:

  1. The early bird gets the worm
  2. I have to work hard to succeed
  3. I have to start answering emails at 8am
  4. I have to work on the weekends
  5. I can't say no to clients or opportunities (even if you know they are going to be a pain, extra work, or not worth the price)
  6. I have to charge ABC or I can only charge XYZ
  7. Any of those bullshit have tos
  8. All of those crappy I can'ts, couldn't possiblys, and more

If you are ready for personalized - customized support on your entrepreneurial journey, support that is beyond just the practical but into the energetic, into the magical - then I'm your girl!

Private Coaching with Lindsay Schroeder - Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Wellness Mentor, and Mindset Leader