Divine Feminine Practices for each of the Chakras


Divine Feminine 

“…the Sacred Feminine is not new
to the New Age.
It is ageless
from the beginning.
The Sacred Feminine is in our blood.
It is our heritage.
You have permission to say,
‘God is Woman,’
‘God is Me.” 

― Elizabeth Eiler
Singing Woman: Voices of the Sacred Feminine

The sacred feminine is within each one of us, it is something so intrinsic to who we are, it flows through each of us at every moment. 

Have you started to develop practices, ceremonies, or rituals that connect you to the sacred feminine, your divine feminine, the magic within you? 

For this month's divine feminine activity I am going to offer y'all some of the go to feminine practices and which chakra they support me in connecting to my feminine power. 

Ask yourself which practice or which charka you are drawn to and try one out. 

Journal or mediate and ask your intuition to guide you to the practice // chakra that desires your attention & support. 


Root Chakra 

  • I feel extremely connected to the sacred feminine when my feet are connected to the earth. I will go outside ((bonus points if it's raining, something about the rain speaks to my divine feminine with such oomph)) and take off my shoes, wiggle my toes in the dirt, in the grass, touch a tree, and say hello to the great mother. 

Sacral Chakra 

  • This one is all about the sacred art of twerking. I twerk it out all the time. Twerk out your stress or tension. Twerk to connect to your divine feminine. Twerk to love your body. Twerk to drop into the body. Twerk to be connected. Twerk to show up as your highest self. 

Solar Plexus 

  • The center of personal power calls to something so personal to me, something that charges my battery, something that speaks to who I was born of and what makes me me. I sing to feel connected to my self and feel strong. I sing songs my mother sang to me. I sing songs that move me. I sing to become an energetic match for my desires. What is an action or activity that is so special to you, that is a part of who you are? That's your 3rd charka practice! 

Heart Chakra 

  • Breath work, with my hands on my heart. I start with intense breaths, like breath of fire. Then I slow it down to 4 // 7 // 8 breath, then I move into conscious breath where I just become aware of my natural breath. Once I am in my body I place my hands on my heart. I breathe into my heart space. Once I feel my heart, feel the essence of my heart, I express gratitude. I love to express gratitude to my inner child as an ode to who brought me to where I am, then I express gratitude for where I am exactly in this moment, showering myself with love, gratitude, and celebration. Then I express love and gratitude for my future self. I call in my desires by expressing gratitude for my desires as if they are already here and for the version of me that brought them into my physical reality. 

Throat Chakra 

  • I love to do mirror work for my throat chakra divine feminine practice. I go into my bathroom and I speak to myself. I say the things I'm scared to hear. I say the things I am proud of, the things that I am excited for, the truth of who I am. I express gratitude, admiration, and love for myself. But most of all I hear the truth in my own voice. I share my truth with myself. 

Third Eye Chakra 

  • I do a goddess visualization pretty frequently. I'll drop into a deep meditative space. Once I am calm, zoned in, relaxed, and in my body. I welcome my highest self into my mind's eye space or third eye room. Then I see her morph into my goddess version. I will take the details of what goddess she is, what she is wearing, what is around her, the setting, etc as messages from my third eye all about how I am being called to step into my goddess self more and more ((or around a specific topic)). For instance if I see my highest self adorned with the symbols of Athena vs Aphrodite, I get messages about what attributes to welcome, to step into, and to allow my self to reveal. 

Crown Chakra

  • I've recently started to work with the practice of Mother & mother healing. I will feel the feelings, call into my space, and energetically connect with the Mother, big M. For instance, pacha mama, a mother goddess, Mother Earth, or the mother archetype. Then I will connect with mother, little m, the mother I am, the mother in each of us when we create, the mother as the human being. I love to welcome these two mothers ((the versions that speak to me specifically in that session)) into one energetic space and learn from each other them. Then when I come out of the meditative space I journal on the messages these mothers gave to me and how I can use that information to take spiritually aligned actions in my physical reality. 

Do any of these divine feminine activities speak to you? 

Do you think it would serve you to have a DF practice for each chakra and allow your intuition to point you toward the practice that serves you most? 

I'm here for y'all and I'd love to interact with this community. I'd love to hear about your experiences with these practices! Please join this conversation & contribute to the Our & Are private Facebook group by clicking here if you aren't already a part of this community. This is a private and sacred space, a fantastic opportunity to share your sensual musing with others who will hold that sacred container for you. 

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