Full Moon in Aquarius – August 2020

Upcoming Lunar Phases - August 2020

- August 3rd 2020 the Full Moon arrives in Aquarius
- August 11th 2020 the Last Quarter Moon arrives inTaurus
- August 18th 2020 the New Moon arrives in Leo 
- August 25th 2020 the First Quarter Moon arrives in Scorpio

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Full Moon in Aquarius 

 “don't let the
ones tell you how to live” 

―  Johnny Ox

The free spirit of Aquarius calls to my heart. Air is one of the elements I am more removed from but this aspect is always one that makes my heart skip a beat. 

Dance to the beat of your own drum. 
Blaze your own trail. 
Embody the free spirit that you are. 

When I think of free spirit, I used to picture the wander, the traveler, the woman living out of a van seeing the world, the woman who can't be tied down and must just live... 
I still see those images, feel those feelings... 
Now I understand free spirit even more than that. 

When I think and feel and know of free spirit, now I also call up the entrepreneur doing it her way, the woman enjoying work and business, the friends getting together and growing instead of just partying or enjoying light conversation. 

NOW when I feel into the free spirit I think of the woman, untethered to the limits society places on her, blazing her own trail in all ways, dancing to the beat of the drum that she made, that she plays, that she carries, embodying the free spirit in a way that is deeply fulfilling for her! 

No more are we limited to how we are able or should or can be a free spirit. 

No more are we limited to how or able or should or can in any way... 

Now is the time to stand up, show up, speak our truth, and welcome in the life of our absolute dreams. 

For this month's Full Moon Activity I encourage you to dream up your ideal life and now only push the boundaries but acknowledge that those boundaries are not your own. They may have been imprinted from family, or school, or church, or work. But the limits that hold you down, they are not your truth. 

Journal, mediate, visualize, place into a crystal, plant a physical seed, however you feel called to practice this ritual but spend at least 15 minutes playing in the deliciousness of possibility. 

Dream up your ideal life: 
- ideal job or business ((in detail, go through the day, the week, the month, what you are doing, what you are making, fun little nuances)) 
- ideal partner ((details, the adventures, the love, the sex, the passion, the conversations, the care, the dedication, the family, the growth)) 
- ideal friends and community ((feel into the details, meet ups, deep covos, so much fun and more)) 
and most of all 
- ideal self, your highest self, you at your fullest expression 

Dream it up, feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, know it, and then welcome it in! 


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