Divine Feminine Practice – an ode to loving yourSELF

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Divine Feminine 

“love with lust
is poetry” 

― fakira

LOVE with LUST is poetry. 

This month let us be poetry to ourselves, 
for ourselves. 

This month let us write poetry to ourselves, 
for ourselves. 

This month let us share the magic of love, 
of lust. 

With ourselves and with each other. 

This month I encourage you to write a poem or create a piece of art that is dedicated to the love and lust with yourself, that embodies the love and lust for self, that represents the love of self, the lust for self. 

If you are open, 
if you feel called, 
if you are ready. 

I encourage you to share it with us as well. 

The private Facebook group is a sacred container that was made for exactly this. 

Share with us your magic, your work, here.

To kick us off here is mine...

I pour ambrosial, sticky sweet nectar into the chalice that is me. 
I anoint my sacred skin with the dew of the morning, with glistening lunar water. 

I bow to my own magic, 
building in my belly, 
aching in my womanhood. 

I lap up the radiance that is my presence. 
I bathe in the power that emanates from me, 
it makes me drunk and dizzy and wound with ferocity. 

I am the magic 
I am the medicine 
I am the healer 
I am the priestess 
The goddess speaks through me 
The goddess feels through me 

I love every inch of this vessel, 
that carries me through this experience. 

I lust for the divinity that is my eternal nature, 
never starting, 
never ending, 
always being. 

I love and lust for myself 
I am passionate for myself 
I am a fire of my own making 
A star of my own galaxy 

I am love 
I am lust 

Lustful Love - an ode to my own magic 
by Lindsay Schroeder 

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