Your Rules Your Core Beliefs

your rules 
your core beliefs

Everyone has them 
Not everyone knows or is aware of them 

They are VERY important 
What rules do you follow in your life? Who makes those rules? When we are growing up, most of us follow the rules of our home laid down by our parents. When we are in school we follow the rules of the classroom laid down by teachers and principles. When we get a job we follow the rules of the office laid down by hr and management. BUT these are the rules for these specific containers, these are not the rules for you, as a being, as a soul. 


Even more so when you transition into entrepreneur life as many of my clients have, now what? Who sets the rules when you are the boss? 
The answer is, and always will be, YOU. 
YOU set the rules loves, you and only you. YOU are responsible for your rules and your core beliefs. 

Like much of the deep work we do together in this container this is a topic I wish they covered in school, I wish we gave this to young people, and I wish we grew up with this understanding. (just like I wish we talked about emotional intelligence, limiting beliefs, pre-programing and so much more!! sorry for the rant) 

The rules of reality are for specific containers, now I understand that there is a time a place for those rules to be respected and followed, but what is even more important is for you to respect and follow the rules you create for yourself and your business. 

You must first CREATE them though. Otherwise you are operating off of pre-set, pre-scheduled, remnants of other rules, fragments of what other's have told you. You live your life and run your business by rules and core beliefs that someone gave you or you maybe casually picked up somewhere! 

I encourage you to take some time to create your rules & core beliefs. To sit with yourself and journal out what that means, what beliefs you want to operate off of, make note of any previous programming or rules/limitations that do not serve you (you might want to do some work on these, to release, and re-program). 

To get the juices flowing here are some core beliefs and rules to inspire you to create your own - but make sure they sound, feel, and resonate with YOU! 

  • The deep work I do with myself and on myself brings me more and more success, fulfillment, and abundance 

This is one of my core beliefs, I enjoy the understanding that every class, retreat, program, educational seminar, and every journey I go on internally to work on myself supports my business, my growth in all ways, and calls more abundance into my life. Instead of believing that these things I do on the side for myself I look at them as investments into my personal self and my business, I allow the abundance and radiance and magic to flow from every single piece of work I do on self, be that a 15 minute journaling session all the way to a 5 day Ayahuasca retreat. This is a core belief I hold and one I allow to be true every day. 

  • My work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation 

This is word for word from the mouth of the money goddess Amanda Frances and it is powerful. I love operating from a deep belief that my work serves others, that others benefit deeply from it, that it is my contribution, AND that I get to be massively compensated for that work. That I am abundant because of who I am, and that this abundance flows through my work, but it is not the work that abundant - it is me! 

  • My desires are meant for me because I desire them 

This is a core belief of mine, I operate from a place of knowing that when I desire something - wanting a certain amount of clients per month, want to hit an income amount, want to travel to a place, want to achieve something specific, or launch something new, that it is meant for me because I feel desire for it, connection to it. This core belief allows me to trust that my desires are for me and are coming to me. It opens me up to divine guidance so I can take spiritually aligned actions to achieve my goals and manifest my dreams. 

What are your core beliefs?
What are the rules you operate off of? 

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