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“Just to sum it all up in a very quick nutshell, I ended up finishing my time with Lindsay - a stronger, more energetically aligned and spiritually aligned soulprenuer. I came out of the 90 days knowing so much more about myself, feeling much more confident, and everything reflected in that way as well. My clients became more aligned, I got rid of the things in my business that no longer served me, I changed personal relationships, I moved the energy around which helped me show up as a more authentic me, so for all of that Lindsay I am so grateful, and so thankful.”

ruby testimonial long

– Ruby Lee

co-owner of Own Your Hustle


former 90 Day Signature Coaching Program client

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emily testimonial

Let me start by saying that even as I write this testimonial, I know, for certain, that these words will not do justice to the profound transformation I have felt through my work with Lindsay.

But let me at least try.

I now feel my intuition on a level I’ve never experienced before.
I feel so much more connected to the universal oneness.
I’m finally starting to FEEL what we’re being guided towards.
Some words that bring this down to Earth.
Intuitive bootcamp.
Expansive healing.
Opening up to possibility so that it can become a reality.
The real meaning and definition of ‘up-leveling’, meaning literally operating at a different level. A higher level. A level of deeper understanding of purpose and meaning and our role as humans in this world.
My first session with Lindsay opened up the possibility that I could have a boyfriend and build a business at the same time. I didn’t believe it before. And I didn’t realize I didn’t believe it before. But by sitting with Lindsay for just a couple of hours, the brick walls I had built up around myself began to crumble down. And the possibility for love, romantic love, alongside my professional success, began to flow through me. I met my boyfriend 10 days later.
My second session with Lindsay opened up my intuition. I had been listening to my intuition for years, but it still felt pretty messy. I didn’t even know what I needed or what I was looking for, but I knew some time with Lindsay would shift me into whatever I needed next. What came was my first moment of truly feeling an intuitive moment, during a third eye meditation. A knowing about a conversation I needed to have with my partner and what it would feel like after I had it. A deeper understanding about what actually brings us deeper with people. Finally seeing that consciousness is like the movie inception. We have to see the doors - and choose to walk through them - to go deeper. In ourselves and in relationships with others. This tangible example in my life came to me, showed me what it meant on a grander scale, and opened up the idea of what it feels like to be an energetic match for a moment in the future. Bringing the future back to the present moment.
My third session with Lindsay.
I create space for others to grow and heal. But Lindsay creates space for me to grow and heal. My third intensive session with Lindsay was all about helping me to move through a massive growth pain with my partner. Though I’m still in it, my session with Lindsay gave me the clarity I needed to realign and reconnect with what I wanted and needed. I’ll keep you posted on what comes, but I am certain that I am learning how to define and decide on what I WANT rather than leaning into what everyone else around me needs and wants. I’m learning to take a breath - take a moment - to become aware of what I want. And then moving energetically towards that.
There’s so much more that will come. And maybe the words will come to describe it and maybe they won’t. But if something in there sparked something in you. Give yourself the gift of a session with Lindsay, regardless of if you can rationalize the purchase. Let the emotional draw to it guide you.
- Emily Eliza Moyer
Purpose & Alignment Coach
kk testimonial 1

Part one

I had the privilege of undergoing some of Lindsay’s restorative work over a period of six months during which she expertly guided me through the most transformative spiritual, emotional and energetic healing process I have ever experienced.


After enduring an abrupt and painful loss of self, I initially turned to Lindsay as an outlet to vent my frustrations, worries, and confusion. What I received from Lindsay was exponentially more than a listening ear and supportive space to grow; I received a full transformation resulting from the fruits of her work and customized approach to self healing.


It was beyond what I could have hoped for in order to begin finding my way back to who I was as a divinely feminine woman. Her methods have played a critical role in rediscovering my intrinsic power, realigning my daily intentions with my life goals, and discovering more a more elevated, powerful version of my feminine energy.


Katie Kaz, corporate boss babe


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Part two

She has helped me through a variety of practices, including verbal/talk therapy, crystal practices, card readings, intention setting, and so much hands on healing. She has an exceptional ability to understand the intricacies of each individuals’ spiritual and energetic needs, and tailor her approach through her uniquely designed process of healing for what will serve each of us best.


Not only does Lindsay provide incredibly intuitive insight into the questions and emotional barriers surround her clients’’ true potential but she also uses her nurturing practice to help clients independently build their own emotional foundations, set their own intentions, and help them manifest their goals in life.


She does not do the work for you, she helps you discover that you can, and always have been able to do the work yourself.


Her methods have provided me with the mirror I needed to reflect on myself, my strength, and my true ambitions in order to fully realize that I am becoming a higher version of myself, largely due to her healing practices.


I am thrilled to continue growing my own practice of evolving into my highest self using the tools and guidance Lindsay has provided me. I highly recommend Lindsay as an invaluable resource for all types of healing therapy. She has helped me open so many doors into the depths of my highest self, and I am overjoyed to see her do the same for so many others.


Katie Kaz


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Our & Are clients expereince MASSIVE releases, the women who take part in Lindsay's 60 and 90 day programs find that letting go of what is holding you back opens the door for constant aha moments, up-levels, and paradigm shifts.

  • Clients have reported more freedom around understanding how to achieve the life of their dreams and both spiritual and practical steps on how to get there.
  • Lindsay's clients say they are happier and more filled with joy than ever before.
  • They feel satisfaction in so many areas of their lives.
  • Clients say that taking this program creates a ripple effect, jeu You help more people, change more lives, and really step into making a difference.
  • Women build up confidence in themselves and their work / goals / accomplishments.

"You will change the world." - Lindsay of Our & Are

"Coaching with Lindsay was INCREDIBLE. Especially for her 90 day program. Not only did I feel supported by her, she was able to identify blocks I didn’t realise I had from tapping into my energy.

Lindsay listened to me even when I thought I was being annoying with any ego thoughts of limiting beliefs.

Her energy is amazing and being in her presence alone is enough to feel better and more abundant.

Lindsay really helped me breakthrough mental blocks around money, worthiness, my ability to sell and so much more. I ended up finishing the year with her mentorship with tripling my money goal and having a 6 figure business!!

Thank you so much Lindsay for all that you have done! If you feel called to work with Lindsay - do it"


Kimberley Wenya

kw testimonial


Working with Lindsay has been AMAZING! She just GETS you, she really understands what you are going through and her intuition is on point with being able to zone in right to your situation.


She is SO passionate and genuinely caring to work with, and so easy to open up to. Lindsay takes so much care in really answering your questions and her write ups are to die for - so on point!!


I was skeptical with card readings, but when Lindsay gave a write up she pin pointed exactly what part of the card pertained to me and it was creepily on point!


I have gained SO much clarity with her and have manifested AMAZING goals with her guidance, meditations and crystal work. Thank you so so much Lindsay, it has been an absolute privilege to work with you!


Kimberley Wenya

- Manifestation Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster

rachel brewster testimonial

"I gained so much from working together but honestly if I had to boil it down to one thing... working with you brought joy back into my life and I cannot express enough gratitude for that."

Rachel Brewster


Speaking Coach,


CEO // Founder of Unforgettable Leadership

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lauren dailey testimonial

“I think the biggest insight I learned from Lindsay, and most of the things that I still refer back to in our journey now, was her intuitive advice. She saw things about me, whether that be this life, traumas from this life, from past lives, she sensed my energy in a way that allowed me to up-level, that allowed me to become this spiritual being and recognize that that is who I am, and how all of my energies make up who I am. It was a beautiful process of discovery for myself and putting together of pieces that I had been working on previously”


Lauren Dailey

heidi testimonial

“As the rational, independent, and self-reliant woman that I somewhat am and effusively portray myself to be, I have always been reluctant to seek help from anyone. A close friend recommended me to Lindsay when my house of cards started crumbling due to the pressures of career and relationships. I was immediately put at ease in our first session when she guided me in controlling my constant stir of uncertainty, accepting where I was that day and sincerely having grace with myself as I work towards self love and understanding. I have no been seeing her long enough to know that she is malleable to all situations with an endless spiritual tool kit that gives you results in one session that years of therapy could not bring. I leave not only feeling centered, but equipped with actionable strategies to heal myself and maintain peace and balance in my life. A session with her is the best investment you can make in your well being.

Thank you, Linds”


Heidi Koller

Corporate Powerhouse


brecks testimonial

“For both those new to an energy (reading) experience and those who regularly tap into this intuition – Lindsay’s guidance is unparalleled. She brilliantly navigates each session sharing her insight, intuition, and wisdom, while also staying true to a card’s meaning and intention. I’ve walked away from each session with Lindsay better prepared to not only navigate my future, but also deal head – on with things in my past. The experience is a beautiful blend of analyzing facts while creatively finding healthy solutions and I absolutely reccomend to anyone interested.”




k testimonial

“Lindsay’s reading was so refreshing and illuminating. She was able to pick up on things that not even I have noticed before. I left with a sense of calmness and confidence knowing I had the right tools to navigate through life’s many curveballs. Lindsay also has an incredible way of viewing something from all angles – looking at a card that could be perceived as a negative and finding its beauty. Not only was her reading fun and informative, Lindsay herself is a breath of fresh air who I extremely intuitive and can make a sometimes intimating moment, fun, and relaxing”