Plant medicine, energy healing and living in high vibe bliss with Lindsay Schroeder on the Live Your F*ck Yes Life Podcast

Listen to Lindsay on the Live Your F*ck Yes Life Podcast episode 61 // Episode #61: Plant medicine, energy healing and living in high vibe bliss with Lindsay Schroeder

Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach. She helps soulpreneurs & spiritual boss babes develop their intuition, connect with their divine feminine & up-level their life. She is a lightworker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.

 Her comprehensive approach to spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset, lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal therapy, energy healing practices, meditation, rituals, & much more.

Her work focuses on developing the intuition - she gives women an experience when they work with her, but she also provides them with the tools to continuously develop their intuition & use their skills daily. 

She works with women on connecting to their Divine Feminine - that soft, feeling, juicy feminine aspect. She teaches an opening to our divine magnetic nature as women, a willingness to receive. She is committed to up-levels and elevating your vibration. Her results include increased happiness, self love, abundance, and a more fulfilling life.

She was called to this work because she's spent years healing her own self. In healing her own life she found that she longed to share this great work. She is passionate about helping women become the conscious creators of a life they truly desire.

Things we talk about on todays episode:

Masculine vs. feminine energy and finding the divine balance within ourselves

How to get out of our heads and into our hearts 

The Chakra system & energy healing 

Why the term high vibe exists and how to access high vibrations on the daily 

Ayahuasca and her personal experience with it

The subconscious, trauma and healing

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