June Full Moon Activity

Upcoming Lunar Phases June 2020

  • June 5th 2020 the Full Moon arrives in Sagittarius
  • June 13th 2020 the Last Quarter Moon arrives inPisces
  • June 21st 2020 the New Moon arrives in Cancer 
  • June 28th 2020 the First Quarter Moon arrives in Libra 


“The personal life
deeply lived
always expands into
truths beyond itself.”

– Anais Nin




Full Moon in Sagittarius 


“Don’t try to steer the river.”

―  Deepak Chopra



I continue to set the intention that each and every one of you is riding the waves of social distancing with ease and grace.

As things start to open up,
as some of us return to working in offices,
as we start to enter back into the world and our previous schedules,
I encourage each of you to reflect on this experience,
to integrate this experience.

In the magical words of Deepak Chopra, we must not try to steer the river. This collective experience really offered a lot of us the time and space to integrate this beautiful wisdom.

Engaging in these spiritual practices are serve us so deeply and it becomes clearer and clearer the more time and energy I invest in this space that it's all about being, flowing, and coming back to presence.

The current moment is the magic.
The current moment is the truth.
The current moment is our teacher.

For this full moon in Sagittarius I offer this practice to our community:

3 Step Practice for Blooming back into Community --
1. Reflect
2. Express Gratitude
3. Choose

Let's get started with reflection. Whether you choose to reflect in mediation, through journaling, with a card pull, in your yoga practice, or any way that serves you, consider these questions: what was something that I did, said, felt, tried, didn't do, removed, released, or experienced during social distancing // quarantine that really served mewhat was something that triggered me, came up for me, held me back, sparked fear // anxiety // worry during this time what are my major takeaways from this experience what became part of my "new normal" that I will take with me as the world starts to open up Next we move to gratitude. After looking at and spending time with the questions above write a gratitude list about this experience. Maybe you are focused on the time you were able to rest, was working from home super replenishing, did the lack of commute provide you extra time to read or workout, did you try something new that you fell in love with, or were you able to spend time with family because of this experience. write out your gratitude list additional gratitude practice, write the results of these items of gratitude as if the results are already here ((example: if you are grateful for the additional time to read and you desire to take this practice with you into your everyday life write your gratitude like this "I am so grateful and so thankful that quarantine provided me the time to read on a regular basis, I have continued this practice into my everyday life and it serves me, grows me, and supports me. I am so grateful for feeling amazing and fulfilled through reading daily." Lastly, it's time to choose. It's time to make an active decision and map out the action steps that support this choice in regard to what you WILL take with you into your everyday life.
If you learned that time alone is important and you will be taking that with you, choose that alone time is no longer negotiable. Consider what the aligned action steps are.

- Every week I commit to carving out 1 hour every Sunday to take a ritual bath and try a new guided meditation.
- put that block on your calendar every Sunday so you have that time
- start a list of guided mediations to try
- purchase some ritual bath supplies

Breaking down the steps and mapping out the plan will help you keep these commitments to yourself with more ease and grace.

The Full Moon is the time for CELEBRATION so please loves, celebrate yourself, celebrate your successes, celebrate your growth, celebrate the takeaways, celebrate it all.

Romanticize your life ((thanks TikTok for this Inspo)) and your life with continue to give and give you more to be grateful and thankful for.


Let's share our quarantine takeaways with the community. I'd love to hear what you all learned, how you grew, and what you are taking with you.
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