Intro to Spiritual Tools – my magical 11 week group coaching program

Intro to Spiritual Tools - a group coaching program with Lindsay Schroeder, Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach

I am beyond excited to offer Intro to Spiritual Tools to the world. I have seen firsthand what things like mediation, EFT, and working with my subconscious programing have done for me and so many of my clients. It is my passion to bring these powerful tools to other women. 

Not only do I want to offer education around these tools but I want to help you learn how to integrate them, and adapt them to

These tools are remarkable, life changing, and will support you in up-leveling in your life, business, relationships, and so much more. However the biggest item to mention is that the work is not just in the learning of the tools but in the IMPLEMENTATION of these tools. 

That is a BIG area of focus for us in this group coaching program. We have time built in to each call for questions so you can discuss in this group format things you are working on, how it's going, issues, roadblocks, and areas of stagnation. Need more support than that, don't worry, we will also have a Private Facebook group where you can post & tag me. This way I can answer your questions & others can learn from that growth as well. 

We will create a powerful community of women up-leveling, growing and reflecting. 
If this program is for you
I encourage you to use the coupon code before pre-sale time is up (at the end of June)! 

Program Overview

Week 1 - We will get started with our welcome call!

Week 2 – What is Energy & intuition

Learn about what your energy system is, understanding the chakras, how to get comfortable with your intuition and how to up-level your practice. 

Week 3 – What is mediation and how can I use it?

Dive into the magical practice of mediation, how to work with mediation, learn to customize your practice to YOU and your needs, and how to implement it in your life.

Week 4  – Journaling & Affirmation work

How can journaling support you, what kind of journaling can you do, affirmations and all their magic 

Week 5 – Limiting beliefs, roadblocks, and re-programming your operating system

What is a limiting belief, how do you identify your own, what to do once you find one, and how EFT can change the game. 

Week 6 – EFT

Emotional freedom technique, who - what - when - where & why

Week 7 –Cards & Crystals

Tarot vs intuitive guidance cards, how to use them, basic spreads, Crystals – how they work, how to pick & use them. Advanced techniques overview 

Week 8 - Manifestation

The process of manifestation, step by step how to, what to do once you :know: the process. 

Week 9 - Rituals & ceremonies (lunar, bath, and so much more)

What is a ritual & ceremony, how do they support us, some of Lindsay's favorite practices, all about the moon, ritual baths, altars, & more


Week 10 - Creating a personal practice

What is a personal practice and why is it soooo important, using spiritual tools in your personal practice, and consistency vs flow

Week 11 - Closing call

Your Spiritual Toolbox & How to Use it

At this point you will have so many tools and you'll know how to customize them in a way that works for you. BUT it’s using them that is important! 

Learn about going inward and flexing the muscle that is your intuition on the regular, how to develop your own energy practices, and let's answer some questions. 

all the details... 

  • Start date July 15th
    • Welcome call will be held on Monday July 15th time TBD
  • calls will be held weekly for the 11 week program
    • 2 Weekly call day/time options will be offered to the group & day/time will be finalized for the Welcome Call
  • recordings of each call will be provided to each participant
    • Don't worry if you can't make a call live, you will get a recording of each call, all materials, and access to Lindsay & other group members via a Private Facebook Group for questions & more
  • each call will be around an hour of content & 15 mins of Q&A
    • If we don't get to your specific question feel free to drop it in the Facebook group!

Lindsay will also provide homework, affirmations, and journal prompts for many of the module

What if you have questions...

This is an amazing program and we want you to commit to yourself & show up full, so we know that it takes intention to sign up! We want to make sure this is a perfect fit for you and for us. Schedule a call with Lindsay of Our & Are to discuss the different coaching programs, talk about who you are, and what you are looking for. This way we all know without a shadow of a doubt this is the perfect program for you!

Schedule a call with Lindsay


  • Lindsay will be providing handouts via email before/after calls for additional support

  • Lindsay will also be sending out several of her ebooks that support the modules

  • at the end of the program Lindsay will be providing additional information on advanced spiritual practices and practices off the beaten path for continued development


That's not all!

Join the Facebook group for Intro to Spiritual Tools & ask Lindsay any questions that come up for you if they aren't addressed on the calls! Connect with other participants, utilize this cultivating space to grow and develop, celebrate wins, and work through roadblocks in a collaborative environment.

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"Are you ready
to get deeply connected with your intuition,
learn powerful spiritual tools
& how to develop practices that work
specifically for you & your energy?"

- Lindsay

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Intro to Spiritual Tools is a group coaching program that I created to introduce women like you to the miraculous practices, rituals, understandings, ceremonies, and tools that paved the way for me to step into an aligned life, have a business that I love and enjoy working in each and every day, and that support me in my personal development each and every day.  


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