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Abundance Baby!

Let's talk about Abundance Baby!

Do you believe money comes easily to you or believe you have to work hard at it? 

After working one on one with clients for a while now, diving into their energy around money, studying money, and the mindsets we have around money, one thing has made itself abundantly (haha pun intended) clear to me: We have been programmed when it comes to money.

By our family, by our teachers, by school, by television, and by the world around us. The exact programming our parents often thought would help us actually hinders us.

For instance, parents who never talked about money, hid it from their kids, were super secretive about money might have unconsciously programmed their children with the idea that money is a taboo topic. Then we might see this show up as an inability to have discussions about a raise, a fear of countering when interested in a job, a lack of conversation with a potential partner around money, etc etc etc.

What about parents who always told you, “You have to work hard for your money!” Now you find these individuals breaking their backs working 60 or 70 hours a week to receive the amount of money that they could receive work 40 hours or less a week.

Our programming creates our thoughts, which create our beliefs and all of these together create our reality.

So how do you shift your reality? You shift your programming, your thoughts and your beliefs.

Let’s dive in!

How to Shift from a Scarcity to an Abundance Mindset Around Money by Lindsay Schroeder
Money, moola, cash, cheddar, etc...

First and foremost, to change our beliefs, we have to accept that we have them. What are some things you believe around money that you would like to shift? What are the broken records that play in your mind?

Journal it out, write it down, become aware of it. What are the effed up things I believe around money?

Just to name a few and get those juices flowing:

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You have to work hard for your money.
  • Women aren’t good with money.
  • There is never enough.
  • Money always runs out.
  • When I gain more, someone else loses out.
  • There isn’t enough to go around.

Journaling prompts:

  • What money thoughts do I have on a regular basis that do not serve me?
  • What do I believe about money?
  • Is money good or bad?
  • Do I deserve money?
  • Is having money a good or bad thing?
  • What do I think about people who have money or don’t have money?

Journal Prompts on Money by Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are
Money Mindset Journal Prompts

Journaling about the below questions and topics will really allow you to open up to what it is that you believe about money. Often, a lot of stuff you weren’t aware of consciously will come out. I also encourage you to journal about experiences or memories around money. For instance, that time in school where everyone had this specific brand and you couldn’t afford it. Or maybe you were made fun of for flaunting your money. Deep dive into money and see what comes out.

Are you ready to let go of thoughts & beliefs that have been blocking your growth, abundance, and prosperity?

If the answer isn’t a strong yes, keep working on uncovering what’s standing in the way. I also recommend going through this process more than once, I circle back often to continue to up-level around my abundance awareness level.

When you are ready, let’s progress into shifting our blocks.

I like to start with debt, when I’m doing money mindset work because there is usually a lot of shame, guilt, weight, and heaviness associated with it.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Take the rocks out of your backpack first.” Before doing the bright shiny work of progress, sometimes we need to let go of the crap that is weighing us down the most, come back to neutral and them grow forward. Debt is a great place to start.

No more beating yourself up about past decisions, about the debt you are in, about the choices you made in the past. The decision is in the past. You already made the decision. It was what you needed at that time. It was what you were aligned with at the time. It happened, so let’s more forward. Focusing your energy on something that you can’t change is a waste. That energy could be used to shift your present reality. So let’s allow it to work for us, not against us.

Debt is a choice to pay something off over an amount of time. Start to look at it as such, instead of a major mistake, a pit you can’t climb out of, or any of the other grave stories you tell yourself.

We can’t change those past decisions, but we can change how you see it NOW, how you feel about it NOW, and how abundantly you turn this situation around.

Start to see debt as an investment in yourself. Don’t hate yourself over it. Every time you put money toward paying debt off, turn it into an abundance practice. Create this practice by crafting a “rampage” as I like to call it, that builds the energy and vibration around that experience.

Before I click the button to pay the monthly amount on my student ~investments~ I close my eyes, I say something like this, and I feel into it, I say it until I really feel it and start to believe it, live it, embody it. “Omg paying this down feels so good. There is more where that came from. This is such a good investment.” I reaffirm why or what I get out of this. “Thank you education. I continue to see the fruits of this investment. I am constantly being offered amazing opportunities and this decision supports my ability to achieve my dreams.”

The first time I created this practice it took a few minutes to really feel it, but now I can say a sentence or two and I’m there. The main point is that you feel it, so keep painting the mental picture until you feel better around this investment. Feelings are vibrations and you want to get yourself to a point where are vibrating at a higher, more aligned frequency.

Now that we’ve worked on debt, let’s discuss shifting your scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset.

It’s all about how you CHOOSE to look at things.

If you focus on scarcity, then more of that comes into your reality. Like attracts like, so if you are a vibration match (your thoughts and feelings and being are aligned) with scarcity, then you are creating an energetic pathway for more security to find you and make a home in your reality.

If you focus on success, abundance, and are grateful for what you do have, you are opening up an energetic pathway for more success, abundance, and things to be grateful for.

Money Mindset with Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are
Abundance mindset matters

Now – it’s time to practice abundance!

Create abundance practices in your life that will support you in feeling abundant more often.

Gratitude practices are a great starting point. Maybe start with once a week, working your way up to every day. Make a list of 3-5+ things you are grateful for. Again, it’s not just about writing them down, but really feeling into them.

When you say you’re grateful for your partner, don’t just jump onto the next bullet point. Close your eyes and feel your partner coming up behind you, wrapping their arms around you and telling you they love you.

Feel into your partner handling that chore or thing you really dislike doing and see them smile at you, because they know it really helps you out. Envision the recent time you had an ecstatic time together. Really feel the feelings of that love and shower yourself with the experience of gratitude for each of the things you put on your list.

Gratitude, really feeling grateful for what we already have, allows us to open up and call in even more to be grateful for.

A few more abundance practices that really serve me:

1. Anytime I run my card or pay for anything, I turn it into an abundance practice.

I rampage and tell myself any or all of the following:

  • I’m so grateful I have created the abundance to have this thing, pay for this thing, spoil myself, enjoy this, choose this, etc.
  • There is always more where this money came from.
  • I am an infinite source of abundance and money is always flowing through me.
  • I love investing in myself (my health, my happiness, my adventures, etc).
  • I enjoy spending my money at intentional places and the more I spend, the more room I make for money to come back to me.
  • Money is a resource which I choose to use for good, grow myself and those I love.
  • Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.

2. I include things that make me feel abundant into my daily life.

This can be done on a budget and on a grander scale. The intention is that you include things in your daily experience that make you feel abundant. That can be a really lovely pen or a phenomenal vacation.

Wherever you are in your process, find what makes you feel abundant and call more of that into your life. Look around your home and find that outfit you wear that makes you feel so snazzy, or that luscious blanket you sit with on the couch while reading that feels luxe, or a pair of earrings from your mom that make you feel like a movie star.

These small practices can become big energetic pathways –– if you allow them, if you focus on them, and if you encourage those vibrations over time.

3. I work on developing and shifting your language around money.

What words do you use, are you saying broke, not enough, lack? Can you pivot to asking yourself how can I afford that, instead of I can’t afford that? Do game plan or overview feel more aligned and high vibe than budget, shift it! Can you say investment instead of debt? Can you say I choose or don’t choose to spend my money in that way, instead of I can’t afford that. Actively listen to yourself when it comes to money and start to make conscious shifts around how you speak, which will change how you act, what you call in, what you believe, adn how your reality comes together.

Want more money mindset? Stay tuned for part two coming soon!

Money Mindset with Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are
Mindset around Money

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