Full Moon Nov 12th in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus Activity
Full Moon Activity

Full Moon in Taurus 

“At the end of the day, it isn’t where I came from. Maybe home is somewhere I’m going and never have been before.” 

― Warsan Shire
This Taurus Full Moon really brings the idea of home up for me. 
Taurus traits: 

When I picture the stoic, strong, and grounded bull of the Taurus, I really think and feel into home. I start to feel the sense of a warm fireplace in the middle of a cozy living room. 

I start to energetically match to the feelings of safety, security, and the sense of being held. 

For this month's full moon practice, let us reconnect with our physical vessel as the home. 

Our bodies, are our homes in this life. 

Do you honor your physical vessel as the magical home that it is? 

For your activity I ask you to do some grounding work & deep appreciation of your physical vessel. 

I find that as the weather starts to get colder here in Chicago, and my toes aren't in the grass, my feet aren't in the dirt, and the sun isn't on my face as much anymore - that I need to refocus on grounding. 

- take a seat and plant your feet on the ground, carpet, or flooring 
- feel the feelings of being connected to the ground, earth, or stable base underneath your feet 
- start to become aware of your breath, feel the breath coming in through your feet, from the earth, from the ground 
- start to pull the air, the oxygen, the power, up through your feet and through your legs, hips, through your body, and up into your head 
- settle into your space, now that you have oxygenated 
- now I ask that you envision roots coming out of your feet
- feel the roots growing, feel them go through the ground, the rocks, the earth, the clay, and all the way to the center of the earth 
- feel and connect with being so grounded, so rooted, so connected to pacha mama 
- once you are connected to the center of the earth, allow yourself to be suspended in this space 
- once you are ready, retract the roots from the center of the earth, and come back into your present space and place 

Once you are grounded and rooted, then I ask that you thank your physical vessel.
You are now grounded and connected to our home earth, this is a perfect energetic space to get connected with your home, your body. 
- place your hands on your physical body, try to touch and interact with areas that you aren't always consciously aware of, elbows, kneecaps, collarbone, pinky toe, back of the neck, etc 
- as you place your hands on your body, feel your breath, feel your blood, feel your buzzing energy, feel your muscles, and express gratitude 
- start to pour gratitude into each and every inch of you 
- start to radiate gratitude
- thank your vessel for being such a miraculous home 

Thank yourself for being open to doing these practices 
- Feel grounded and connected 
- Feel home in your body 
- Feel alive 
- Feel love 
- Feel 

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