Full Moon in Aries 

Full Moon in Aries Oct 13th 2019 Activity
Oct 13th 2019 - Full Moon in Aries

"a confident leader who builds community"

When I think of this Aries Full Moon in October, immediately my close friend Emily comes to mind. It's her birthday month and she is truly the embodiment of a confident leader who builds community.

As I called to mind the activity for this full moon I couldn't help but bring in and be inspired by her essence. One of the main practices that she has been developing is her use of tarot cards for guidance, inspiration, and in her business.

Let's all revel in the magic of tarot & intuitive guidance as we dance under this full moon in Aries.

Here is a powerful activity that can be used with tarot card, intuitive guidance cards, or if you do not have a deck at home you can create your own by writing several affirmations on identical pieces of paper and using them as cards.

Step 1: - Select the deck or create the deck that you are using

Step 2: 
- Tap off the deck or brush off the pieces of paper that you have written out.
- This alleviates anyone else's energy that is on the cards, so that the deck can read for you and your energy

Step 3: 
- Touch each and every card and say your name
- You can use your full name, you first and last, your nickname, whatever feels most aligned for you
- Saying your name as you touch each card allows the cards to steep in your energy, giving them a strong ability to read for you and where your energy is right now

Step 4: 
- After you have touched each card, start to shuffle or mix up the deck as you speak this question/focus out loud or in your mind
"What guidance do I need to see, feel, hear, or intuitively process as I dance under the beams of this Full Moon"
- Continue to shuffle and hold this question in your minds eye until you come to a good/comfortable stopping point

Step 5:
- Select a card

Step 6: 
- Examine the card and make note of images, colors, messages, etc anything from the image on the card itself that stands out for you

Step 7: 
- Read the message in the guide book for the card you selected and start to open yourself to what resonates or connects for you
- Feel free to release any of the message that doesn't serve you (this is a tip Emily loves, she really only focuses on what stands out to her, sometimes that is just one specific sentence or phrase, let your intuition guide you)

Optional Additional Step 8: 
- Journal about this card, the images and messages that stand out to you, and what your intuition is speaking to you
- Journal images and feelings and start to allow your creative process to expand beyond just clear words and messages, get fluid, and let it flow

Through this Full Moon Phase read this journal entry and look at the card you've pulled. Ask yourself how you can embody this message, how you can grow with this message, and what parts of this message serve this fertile time for you.

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