Energy Managment

Lindsay, Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, and Mindset Coach with Our & Are talks all things Energy Managment

Energy Managment Livestream with Lindsay of Our & Are - intuition, divine feminine, & massive up-levels.

On this livestream we cover the following: 
- what is energy & energy managment 
- we do an energy scan meditation that goes over each of your chakras and asses the health 
- are you an empath & what is an empath 
- tips & practices for protecting and taking care of your energy 
- energy managment affrimations & anchoring 

Here's the homework: 
What areas of my energy are doing really well, feel healthy, and feel aligned with desired life? 
What areas of my energy are in need of support, have room for growth, and need to expand or contract? 
What specific work can be done for each of those energy centers that need support? 
What would it feel like if you were balanced, aligned, and felt in control of your energy? 
Are there specific situation that trigger your energy to expand or contract, to open up and let things in you don’t want to let in?

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