Emily Eliza Moyer – Purpose Alignment Coach tells her story of working one on one with Lindsay

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What was it like working with Lindsay...?

A testimonial with Emily Eliza Moyer on her experience working one on one with Lindsay Schroeder, Spiritual Wellness Coach with Our & Are

Let me start by saying that even as I write this testimonial, I know, for certain, that these words will not do justice to the profound transformation I have felt through my work with Lindsay. 

But let me at least try. 

I now feel my intuition on a level I’ve never experienced before.

I feel so much more connected to the universal oneness.

I’m finally starting to FEEL what we’re being guided towards.

Some words that bring this down to Earth.

Intuitive bootcamp.

Expansive healing. 

Opening up to possibility so that it can become a reality. 
The real meaning and definition of ‘up-leveling’, meaning literally operating at a different level. A higher level. A level of deeper understanding of purpose and meaning and our role as humans in this world. 

My first session with Lindsay opened up the possibility that I could have a boyfriend and build a business at the same time. I didn’t believe it before. And I didn’t realize I didn’t believe it before. But by sitting with Lindsay for just a couple of hours, the brick walls I had built up around myself began to crumble down. And the possibility for love, romantic love, alongside my professional success, began to flow through me. I met my boyfriend 10 days later.

My second session with Lindsay opened up my intuition. I had been listening to my intuition for years, but it still felt pretty messy. I didn’t even know what I needed or what I was looking for, but I knew some time with Lindsay would shift me into whatever I needed next.

What came was my first moment of truly feeling an intuitive moment, during a third eye meditation. A knowing about a conversation I needed to have with my partner and what it would feel like after I had it. A deeper understanding about what actually brings us deeper with people. Finally seeing that consciousness is like the movie inception. We have to see the doors - and choose to walk through them - to go deeper. In ourselves and in relationships with others.

This tangible example in my life came to me, showed me what it meant on a grander scale, and opened up the idea of what it feels like to be an energetic match for a moment in the future. Bringing the future back to the present moment. 

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"I create space for others to grow and heal.
But Lindsay creates space for me to grow and heal."

My third session with Lindsay.


I create space for others to grow and heal.

But Lindsay creates space for me to grow and heal.

My third intensive session with Lindsay was all about helping me to move through a massive growth pain with my partner. Though I’m still in it, my session with Lindsay gave me the clarity I needed to realign and reconnect with what I wanted and needed. I’ll keep you posted on what comes, but I am certain that I am learning how to define and decide on what I WANT rather than leaning into what everyone else around me needs and wants.

I’m learning to take a breath - take a moment - to become aware of what I want. And then moving energetically towards that. 

There’s so much more that will come. And maybe the words will come to describe it and maybe they won’t. But if something in there sparked something in you. Give yourself the gift of a session with Lindsay, regardless of if you can rationalize the purchase. Let the emotional draw to it guide you.  

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