Divine Feminine – amidst the awakening the divine feminine calls us to be

Divine Feminine - the art of being

Divine Feminine 

“The deepest experience
of the creator is feminine,
for it is experience of

― Rilke

Rilke is one of my favorites. I collect his book "Letters to a Young Poet." In every used bookstore I go into I check to see if they have a copy. I have so many different translations and I absolutely adore reading each and finding the differences in the interpretations. 

For this month's divine feminine practice I am going to encourage you to take a page out of Rilke's book and focus on solitude. 

Now I know what you are thinking, I've been wading in the waters of solitude for soooo long and you are right. I know that, we've been solo for a while now. We've been socially distant and quarantined and all the things... 


What if we experience solitude in a different way for this activity. 

What if we 
- set out intention 
- express gratitude 
- don't have a specific "doing" but a specific "being" 
- welcome our feelings 
- stay present 
- love ourselves in our solitude 
- release the pressure 
- open to our receiving 
- honor our bearing 

Set your intention 
"For this practice my intention is to be, to start with being present, being open, being honest, being vulnerable, being real, but that I continue to be each of these things until I can release and just be" 

Express gratitude 
"I am so grateful and so thankful for myself, my solitude, for this time, for this space, for my oneness, for my feminine, for my being, and for all the magic I carry within me" 

Eliminate specific "doing" and explore "being" 

Welcome your feelings
- as you sit, as you lay, as you move and ponder, as you welcome being, welcome your feelings
- if tears come, allow 
- if screams come, allow
- if heavy breathing comes, allow 
- if the mind wanders, welcome it back 
- don't force, just be
- don't scold, just be 
- don't do, just be 
Feel your feelings my loves, all the delicious humanness of each feeling and let it pass in its own time, as is goes 

Stay present
- when the mind wanders, just welcome it back by offering it presence 
- you can connect with the senses to support this
focus on what you feel, the strong and the subtle 
focus on what you hear, the loud and the soft 
focus on what you smell, the strong and the delicate 
focus on what you taste, the pungent and the twinges 
focus on what you see, the bright and the faded 

Love ourselves in this solitude
"I love myself and the time I spend with only myself, the many selves within myself, the me" 

Release the pressure
When the pressure to do comes up, when you feel unworthy because you haven't taken a class, or cooked a new meal, or written a screen play 
"I release the pressure to accomplish quarantine, to win social distancing, to use every bit of time and space to make or do, I welcome the being" 

Open to receiving 
"I welcome in the magic that is all around me, 
I welcome the magic that is within me, 
I am open to receiving all that is meant for me, 
I am open to receiving all that is me, 
I am, 
just be" 

I honor the bearing 
"I honor the bearing of this experience,
of this solitude,
of the truth of my existence, 
I bear this as I bear many things, 
I bear this as I bear my feminine, 
I carry it with me,
within me, 
all life is of me, 
all life is within me, 
all life comes from me" 

I honor each and every one of you. Thank you for doing this work with me! 

I'm here for y'all and I'd love to interact with this community. I'd love to hear about your experiences with these practices! Please join this conversation & contribute to the Our & Are private Facebook group by clicking here if you aren't already a part of this community. This is a private and sacred space, a fantastic opportunity to share your sensual musing with others who will hold that sacred container for you. 

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