Divine Feminine – a practice of being

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Divine Feminine -  a practice of being
When was the last time you just focused on being?

Divine Feminine 

“once you have broken free from your own chrysalis, it does not serve you to try and rationalize with others still in their caterpillar phase, for trying to express the transition is beyond words,
it is of feeling,
of being."

― Erin Eber

Your magic as female is in the feeling, in the being. 

How often do you shy away from this? 

How often do you take a step back from what you feel, what you know, the intuitive messages you get? 

For this month's Divine Feminine work I ask you to feel fully, to step into being, to truly be for even just a little bit. 

Try this: 

- carve out 5 mins, 10mins, 15mins or more whatever you can truly give to yourself 
- close your door and create a space for this practice 
- light a candle or incense 
- clear your space with Palo Santo or Sage 
- start to take some deep breaths
- sit or lay down 
- close your eyes and put your hands on your body 



Take the remaining time to get re-aquatinted with being, with feeling. 

What emotions and feelings are rattling around inside you, does something from earlier in the day come up? Maybe something earlier in your life? 

What do you feel when you allow yourself to be present with yourself in this exact moment? 

Touch your body and FEEL your skin, feel your curves, feel the power and grace and beauty of your vessel. Feel yourself breathing, feel your insides working, feel your blood pumping. 

At the end of your practice repeat this several times (if you are open 108 times is an amazing number to work with, creating a mantra for self) 

I am 
I am 
I am 

- After you finish your session journal out some things that came up, take aways, downloads 

Your magic is in the being, allow yourself to BE more often. 

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