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Limiting Beliefs - the Digital Course is not currently open for enrollment

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Waters - the Membership is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT 

  • This is a way for you to connect, to play, to try on so many practices, rituals, and to truly learn how to make these practices your own. 


Join Lindsay and Astrologer Natalie Holbrook for a groundbreaking mini course about calling in, strengthening and manifesting the aligned love you dream of.

+ learn the secrets held in your birth chart when it comes to aligned love

+ learn Lindsay's step by step aligned love manifestation practice ((it's different than what you've tried before))


Activate your own

intuitive wisdom

through the power held in your

energetic body. 


This mini course will deepen your connection to each of your 7 main chakras, your auric field, and support you in access the intuitive wisdom held within you!