“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim." Nora Ephron

Our divine feminine practice this month comes from the idea that everything in life is happening FOR you, not happening TO you. When you make this shift, everything changes, starting with your perspective. It asks you to look further in some situations, to see the truth, to see the magic. 

I ask that you select an issue, a roadblock, a limitation, a fear, a letdown, something that didn't work out the way you wanted or thought, something that weighs heavy on your heart and shift it from happening to you, to happening for you. 

Working on this topic has changed my life. Learning to look for the lesson instead of feeling like a victim has allowed me to expand, to up-level, and to CHOOSE growth over suffering. 

I've done this process with a few of the major hardships in my life and through doing the work, I was able to move through fear, anger, shame, guilt, rage, hate, hurt, etc etc etc and shift into gratitude so some of the worst things I've experience. I am grateful for those deep lessons, for the expansion I experienced. It was not easy, it was not quick, and for a few of them it took puking in a bucket in several Ayahuasca ceremonies to fully see it as for me and not to me, but those two words shifting places changed the game. 

Are you ready to try? 
Are you ready to open up to your feelings? 
Are you ready to embody and connect and open? 
Are you ready to soften your heart? 
Are you ready to suspend :reality: and exist in belief? 

1st - Select your issue, roadblock, situation etc 

2nd - Ask yourself these questions and meditate/journal on the ones that speak to you, the ones that spur a response 

  • In what way was this FOR me? 
  • What lessons are here for me? 
  • In what way does this :thing: act like a flashlight to areas of my self and soul that need nurturing and healing 
  • What growth is to be made here? 

3rd - Love yourself, spend a few moments in deep love and gratitude for yourself, for doing this work, for asking these questions, but also just for being you. Play a song you love, make yourself a luxe cup of tea, space clear yourself, or hold some soothing crystals, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. Spend a few intentional moments loving yourself, maybe in self pleasure, or wrap yourself in your favorite blanket, maybe go outside and look at the moon. Whatever makes you feel loved and seen and express your gratitude for yourself. 

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