A message from Lindsay

Welcome Maternity Leave!
October welcomes Maternity Leave for Lindsay


October is so very special to me, this is the month my little one comes, this is the month I go on maternity leave, this is the month my whole world changes. 

Thank you so much for being on this soulful journey with me, I am so grateful for each and every one of you who has participated in my amazing journey in any and every way.

Each of you who read these newsletters, who follow Our & Are on instagramwho participate in the private facebook groupwho work with me one on onethose who participate in the events I host in Chicago, and in all the ways we have to connect. 

As my life and heart change, as my spiritual journey opens up in this new way, so does my business. 

I will slip into a love nest with my little one and my partners for a bit, but don't worry, there is so much magic that will still be beaming through Our & Are. 

The BIGGEST shift will be my pause in one on one client work. I will take on clients again in Jan 2020 and Feb 2020. If you are interested in working together one on one and want to get the absolute most from this work, I am offering a discount for those clients who sign up in Oct, Nov, and Dec and put a deposit down for coaching that will start in Jan or Feb. 

For those select clients who snag a spot before they fill up, I will be offering pre-work. I will give you journal prompts, activities, and musings over the next few months that will allow you to align and introspect so that when we do start your 60 or 90 day coaching program in Jan or Feb, you are prepped and primed. 

If you are interested in more details about this discount, payment plans, the deposit amount, etc please reach out via email
<3 Lindsay 

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