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Speak your truth! I’ve struggled with this for so long while also denying that I was even affected my it. I have a loud voice, I stand firm in my beliefs, and I speak up. So how is it that I have trouble speaking my truth!? Well, I speak loud and clear on truths that I can stand behind. Usually that means truths that protect others, stand up for causes I believe in, helping other see themselves clearly, etc. However speaking my truth when it comes to myself, who I am, what I do, my work, my healing, even my intuitive abilities has been hard. It’s always being tempered. I’ve been trying to stay small, be digestible for others, not “freak” anyone out. Today I ask myself to stand up, take my power back, speak my truth for myself, say what I believe, show who I am, offer my services. Today I take a very honest look at myself and where I have been playing small, toning down my muchness, and where I have been trying to be palatable. I am Lindsay Schroeder, I am a spiritual wellness coach, I am a lot, I am passionate, I am vivacious, I am sexual & sensual, I am so much, I have an abundance of muchness, and I am here to help other women step into their power, connect with their divine feminine, and wake up. Today I show my true face, I open my full heart, and I speak my deepest truth. Today I show up, I make offers, and I grow my self and my business. Who’s with me!? What’s the truth you’ve been shying away from!? Speak it or whisper it, this is safe space. #ourandare #divinefeminine #divineascension #wellness #wellnesscoach #spirit #spiritual #spiritualcoach #spirituallyaligned #spiritualawakening #speakyourtruth #speakyourmind #voice #throatchakra

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